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    Hi. Is something going on with the Search function for Support – Forums? the past couple months it has failed me badly, and consistently, and in a couple instances I have ended up asking questions in the forums for which someone promptly answered with a link to a support document that did NOT come up in my search requests. Just one example today: I entered Site map in the search box at top right of Support home page. The results were lots of support articles about domains, then under Forums there were in fact some useful links and it was in a Forum Q & A thread that I finally found the link to the support page Sitemaps Why on earth didnt that come up top of the list on the search results? I try so hard to figure things out for myself through the support docs before pestering you guys in the Forums, but the search function is really letting me down – and making work for you!!! Is this just a rough patch while you are working on something behind the scenes for a little while? It has been markedly worse the past three months or so, I remember last year when I was getting started being very impressed with how quickly I found the right stuff, so it definitely feels like a change.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. I suggest you bring it to the attention of staff when the form opens again: (to display the form, at that time, search for anything in the search engine, then indicate that you haven’t found the answer to your question)


    Thanks, will do. Do you want to close this, in that case? I leave it to your discretion, I am never sure of the etiquette of when and who should be closing out these threads! Thank you!



    No problem. I’m a user just like you. I can’t close this thread, but feel free to mark it “resolved” when you feel it’s right.


    Think I will leave open till I hear back from Support, can share the response



    I generally don’t use the built-in search. I generally think of the keyword, and use google like this:

    post and a page

    That invariably turns up what I want. But in my opinion the search has been improving lately.



    Hi there. I hope you had a find weekend. I do believe that Staff has been working on the search utility. However, like raincoaster I rarely use it at all. I can get what I need form Google in a thrice.


    Thank you both TT and Raincoaster. Will try that in future. Curious to see what Support say, no reply yet. Thanks.



    The search engine is a basic query engine. When you search for site map, you’ll get results for documents and threads that contain the words site or map.

    When you search for sitemap, you’ll get results for documents and threads which contain the word sitemap.

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