support team – how do i contact you????

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    I know what I want and I’ve posted on here before, but I’d really like someone to walk me through so I can purchase something that fits my needs. I just don’t see how to do that – is there even a way other than posting to the community?

    The blog I need help with is



    Unless you have a paid upgrade (I believe at least the Premium upgrade), the majority of support is given by the community; many of whom are quite experienced with If there is something that we can’t answer or assist with, particularly technical problems, we flag the thread for Staff assistance.

    You received a pretty comprehensive reply to your original post from timethief, another very experienced forum volunteer:

    If you need more help, feel free to reply there.


    How do I call? Sent an email…but would enjoy speaking to a real person



    We are real people. Surely you don’t think we are zombies do you? And, surely you must recognize that anyone intending to publish anything on a blog must have good reading comprehension skills and be able to follow written instructions.



    This is a peer support forum where Volunteers and Staff work cooperatively to deliver support. There is no phone support here and we Volunteers do not provide support by email.

    Sent an email…

    Staff work their way through support requests that have the earliest date and timestamps first and move forward to deal with those that have the most recent date and time stamps. Please be patient while waiting for them to get back to you by email after they assist the bloggers who requested support before you did.


    I am deeply sorry if I offended you, I let my frustration get the best of me

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