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    I wanted to setup a Blog at When going through the registration process it say in step 2 that this blog is taken. But when I enter the Blogname choosen adding “” I can see the blog. I even have my password for it and can log in.

    But, when I log in I don’t see the “Dashboard” on left top part of the screen. Instead is says: “Claim your Blog”. Clicking on this brings meback to the 2nd step of registration and if I say register, it tells me it’s taken. So I am in a vicious cicle.

    I wrote to Support and there was an eMail exchange about it (3-4 mails). out of a sudden there is silence and I am hanging in the air with the problem described above. I wrote several times to the Support Team asking for a responce to my reply. But to no avail.
    PLS NOTE I: One thing puzzels me; the blog shows in the Header “a film blog?” Could this be the problem?
    PLS NOTE II: I have several other Blog at “” and they all work perfectly.

    Has anyone an idea how I now have to proceed?

    Would apreciate your comments – thanks



    I think you’re a bit confused.

    – does not do any webhosting and is run seperately from You do not setup blogs there. You can download the software and find a host elsewhere for the wordpress software. They do not do any hosting.

    – I see a blog at Is this yours? Is this the blog you tried to setup?



    Thanks and Yes you are right. It is “” – any idea how to get the support helping me?



    I’m still here and pretty busy.
    I’ll get back to you.

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