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    We believe everyone deserves fantastic support for their blog. Our backlog of requests has consistently grown as our team of 10 receives nearly 8,000 messages a week. To get caught up and give our customers the support they expect with paid upgrades, we made the difficult decision to limit the contact form to customers with upgrades. Once we are caught up we will work on bringing a high level of support back for everyone.

    I have got this right? I can no longer contact our happy engineers to complain or ask for help? Because I don't pay? Or because they are inundated with complaints about the default email box changing and the topics display changing?

    No good being told to complain to staff through support when we can't. So that only leaves the forums for us poor pobres to voice our discontent.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. That's right.

    Of course, if you have a technical problem you can usually look in the forum and find it asked and answered here, and if it hasnt' been, you can ask it. But no, there's no point telling us volunteers that you're dissatisfied with the level of service: how do you think WE feel after four straight days of this?

  3. It's right you won't get any real help even if you do manage to contact them. I sent an email to them about intimidating comments from another WP blogger and 3 days later still no reply. There is no support unless of course it's something WP has broken and is in the process of fiddling with to break it even more.

  4. If you're getting threatened, send it to abuse at

  5. Does paying for a site redirect make me a premium member? I choose one of the third-party hosts from the wordpress site (that they make money from) and I would like to be able to receive support if need be...

  6. Thank you but it's not direct threats, it's more intimidation (we both have a Wales blog), such as "we are monitoring you..." and they then proceeded to enter my blog over 40 times in a row. I did send the email to 'abuse' though.

  7. @ raincoaster - I looked at mailing support following your suggestion in the thread about the topics, saying that we should contact WP directly rather than moan on the forum.

    I know what it's like being a volunteer on a forum/blog/website - and wondered why I did it really. It doesn't alter the fact that a little information as a stick saying 'We are introducing changes etc etc etc' (I self deleted the sarcasm about arbitrary and not interested in bloggers' points of view).

    Back to the first point, I do not have a technical problem (well I did and it wasn't resolved but that is irrelevant) - but I think it is reasonable to know why changes have been made. And to actually let people know they have been made. There is nothing helpful on any of the WP blogs.

  8. I need to copy all my posts to my external F drive. How can I do this. Will someone please help. Thank you!!!

  9. Need to copy all my posts to external F drive. How??? Help please!!! Email: [email redacted] Thank you

  10. @1emeraldcity Please don't high jack threads that don't pertain to the question your asking Please refer to the following documentation. → If you have any further questions pertaining to your question please start a new thread.

    Thank in advance

  11. @roughseasinthemed

    Defamation, abuse, threats: We suspend content for inciting violence or threatening or impersonating a private person. Please see our abuse process for more information.

  12. Definitely sounds like nonspecific threats that are something that could get their username/blog suspended. That would mean they couldn't comment on ANY blogs.

  13. Yes @raincoaster reading between the lines of all the comments i felt it was all meant to scare me away, but it was done without being too obvious (but not so clever that i coudn't see through it). Anyway i sent the comments to trash but have not deleted them in case WP need to see them. That's if they ever reply to me!! Thanks

  14. And where. where? am I using demation. abuse or threats?

    Or inciting violence or threatening or impersonating a private person? Well?

    There are two different issue going on here. Mine is simply about not being able to contact unhappy and overworked engineers. The other is not my issue.

    Please read the threads correctly and possibly separate irrelevant comments.


  15. @roughseasinthemed

    There are two different issue going on here. Mine is simply about not being able to contact unhappy and overworked engineers. The other is not my issue.

    Are you addressing me? If so then go to the top right hand corner of your Admin page and locate the help link to contact Staff.

  16. @roughseasinthemed i think i caused this confusion by adding to this thread with my particular problem about lack of support, i was sort of saying why i agreed with you, and then it got confusing so aplogies for that, to all. Sorry!!

  17. @overbyhere

    I sent an email to them about intimidating comments from another WP blogger and 3 days later still no reply.

    When we create a support ticket by contacting Staff it’s important to understand they have a backlog. They deal with the support tickets with the earliest dates first. So if we contact them more than once on the same issue the date moves forward and it takes longer to get help.
    These are the direct report links:
    abuse process

  18. Thanks for the links @timethief sorry for the confusion i caused.

  19. Not to worry. :)

  20. Uf, thank you overbyhere

    So, to get back on track. I can no longer access any support right now according to the link I originally posted.

    And at timethief. yes, I can not contact you or anyone else. how clear do I need to make this one?

  21. @roughseasinthemed
    As soon as you clearly state exactly what technical blogging issue you are experiencing with your blog, I can guarantee the we Volunteers will be ready to try and help you.

  22. I had to unsubscribe to all of the blogs that I followed because I was getting completely spammed from everyone elses comments...I suddenly can't access my blogs that I follow any more which is a pity because WordPress seems to have decided to drop half of them off the side of a cliff and I can't find them any more... I don't appear to be getting any of my own followers comments, perhaps they, like many of them have been saying can't see me any more and now we can't access help here unless we pay? Sorry WordPress...I put up with your stuffing up on a regular basis (free service, shut up...) I put up with problems loading posts, loading photos, postin (free service shut up...) I put up with all sorts of technical problems and wore it because the service is free and you get what you pay for and now it appears that statement is correct. You DO get what you pay for...if you don't pay you can just about get to the back of the line and forgedaboudit. Sorry to overworked and underpaid volunteers, but a service is a service. If you don't want to volunteer, please don't bust our humps for being unhappy with these changes that were foistered on us and that no-one was made aware of. I am going to toss wordpress into the bin. I am going to start all over again somewhere else because this heartily bites. Cheers for stuffing up my blog wordpress. I went with you because you were the best and its no consolation to discover that I am not alone in my newfound disgust. No service, no explanations, no client support and clients. Good luck are going to need it

  23. All I'll say is it has nothing to do with paying anything. It all has to do with, if I can borrow a word from you, wordpress royally STUFFING things up. They seemed to have gotten really good at that and it takes them longer and longer to UNSTUFF things.

  24. I know what it's like to be a volunteer.

    But if I'm reading these threads correctly, we're seeing new behavior from WP that just isn't good. It feels like they outsourced the paid staff to a vendor that's not competent, and now top management can't figure out what's even going on or how to fix it.

    So please, don't shoot the messengers...

  25. done with you wordpress

  26. @jeannie... over a highly visible box that you can uncheck with a single click? Or because WP Support is backed up for the first time in the five years I've been here? You might as well stop using the Internet because finding a service of any kind that announces every single change or acts as a pure democracy is a fantasy on par with finding quick Forum Support from Google or LiveJournal or Tumblr.

  27. I'm not advocating switching blogs - heck, I moved here because I was fed up with blogger..

    but I thought it was reasonable to point out

    1) that on one thread we had been told to contact support if we had a problem and

    2) you now need to be a paying member to do that.

    Which means that for those of us who aren't, the only way to voice discontent with current changes is to moan on here. It may do no good, but it is an opportunity that currently still exists.

    It is annoying to have to unclick a box every time you want to comment. The topics change is worse. My only technical issues were politely unresolved. WP isn't bad. it just happened to be better last week.

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