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    Hi, I need a simple question answered about my webpage. I’ve emailed WordPress twice through their support line, and have gotten no answer at all.

    The problem is that I have a portfolio of artwork on my WordPress website which I occasionally add new art pieces to. Recently, every time I add a new piece, an old art piece gets deleted. This is very irritating and I just want to know if it’s because there’s a limit on how much I can put on my webpage, or if this is a problem that I alone am having. Thanks, I really need this question answered!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    I don’t see any recent email tickets in your support history. Did you email us from the address connected to this username account, or from another address?

    What you are describing is not possible. There is nothing on that would auto-delete published content from your site, and we have no limit on the number of posts, pages or projects you can publish on a site. I also don’t see any record in your site’s log that any content has recently been deleted.

    Are you speaking of The Portfolio feature is not enabled on that site at all. I also don’t see any new posts published since February on that site – in fact, that site only contains the default posts with which it was created – and the last update to a page was made on 9 March.



    I emailed you through the support page, through the button that says “Get Help”. I was logged in through my wordpress account. I also got automated emails from WordPress that said my message had been sent.

    Yes, I don’t know about any Portfolio feature; I just use the website as my art portfolio; sorry for the confusing terminology. I post artwork on various pages whenever I have something new. I have posted many new things since March. Like I said, when I post something new, one of my previous posts disappears. I used to be able to put my cursor on, say, my illustration page. Then I would choose to add a picture, and that picture would be posted on the page right where my cursor had been and all my other posted pictures would move down the page. Now when I add a new picture, an older picture which was previously at the top of the page, is not there any more. So I basically can’t add anything new without something old disappearing. It’s very mysterious. Thank you for your help!!!



    I used to be able to put my cursor on, say, my illustration page. Then I would choose to add a picture, and that picture would be posted on the page right where my cursor had been and all my other posted pictures would move down the page.

    That is not posting something new. That is editing a static page and adding new content to it. No one following your site gets an update when you do this, and search engines don’t get pinged to index the new content, so is really not the best way to add content to your site.

    I suggest you read this page for a bit more info:

    A much better way to do what you’re doing would be to publish each new illustration as a new post, and assign it a specific category. Then you can add the categories to your menu for a similar effect to what you currently have with your pages. That way people can follow your site and get updates when you publish a new post, you won’t struggle with a page being so full of images that it takes ages to load, and your pictures are much more likely to come up in Google searches, bringing more traffic to your site.

    That said, there is absolutely no way adding new content to the top of a page will automatically delete content from the bottom of the page. That is simply not possible.

    I looked through the revision history for that page:

    The very first image you added to that page,, is still visible for me on the page. There are entries in the revision history showing images being deleted, but none of those are the last image in the post. Instead, it shows an image being deleted and replaced with another, indicating that you removed one image when adding another.

    It’s possible you did this by accident – if you select an image, and then press Enter to make space for a new image, the selected image would be removed, just like highlighted text in a word processor is removed if you type anything new while it’s still highlighted.

    If you publish your new pictures as their own posts instead of adding them to an existing page you won’t have that problem, so please consider that. In the long term it will make your site look much better, and you will get many more people looking at your work than is currently the case.


    Thank you so much!!!! I will try your suggestion and see if it helps. I hadn’t messed with the blog because I figured the pages would do the job; but if you say it’s easier to post on the blog then I’ll try it. Thanks again!



    It will probably take a little getting used to, but thinking long term I’m sure you’ll find it easier. Please ask if you get stuck on any step of the process. I’m happy to help :)


    Help my computer logged me out and now I cannot get into my gmail. I didn’t use a phone number or back up email and the site keeps asking for a password. what do I do to create a new password and access my email account?




    @levitatecommunications I see you’ve been helped with this via chat. Please use the contact form at in future, rather than posting into existing forum threads on unrelated issues.

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