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  1. hi all
    this is not a post about wanting comments or subscriptions it is just something that has come to mind since i joined.

    I have been reading a lot of different blogs and have come across a lot of very good informative and interesting posts , the thing is even though these blogs are very good there aren't a lot of comments on them or none at all .

    the way i see it from my experience here is that we put a lot of work into our blogs , there is setting up our accounts and making them look presentable, coming up with our ideas , researching , writing ,editing, taking photos if we add our own photos , and lots more.

    i think comments and subscriptions are a great way to show you enjoyed a blog and appreciate the effort that that person is putting in, not only for their own enjoyment but the enjoyment education and entertainment of others ,

    i think it would be nice if everybody that read another persons work and liked it would leave a comment if you can spend five minutes reading the blog surely you could spend 30 seconds posting a comment even if it is just something like thanks that was an interesting post

    i personally comment on every blog that i read and like , and subscribe if i think i will go back and read more of that persons blogs

    so do you show that you appreciate others work?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. All the time, but primarily by passing along the link to their blog so they can get more readers.

    Remember, there's a difference between a reader and a commenter. They are two different kinds of people. That not many people are commenting doesn't mean that you aren't actually changing a lot of lives with what you've written; it just means you're changing a lot of shy or busy lives.

    Looking to the internet for validation will drive you insane. Trust me, I've got almost 300 posts in my category "Operation Global Media Domination".

  3. hi
    hope my post didn't offend anybody after re reading it i realize it could sound a bit bitchy if taken wrong that wasn't my intention.

    i just think a lot of people out there are doing a great job and they are very talented at what they are doing , it is just that they may not realize how good they are if nobody actually takes the time to let them know , it can be very disappointing and discouraging.

    people deserve a pat on the back sometimes and i think if we can we should be the person to give that pat

  4. @naturalbuzz,

    I don't feel that your post came across as bitchy or offensive, though I concur with raincoaster.

    I have been a WP blogger for over two years, have a barely modest following, and have come to be amazed at how deeply many people are entangled with their blogs. It seems that they expect their blogs to fulfill their needs for authentic relationship, their needs for self-validation, their needs to make a mark in the world, etc. Wow, it's a heavy load for a free service to offer!

    Those things can happen, of course -- but, like so many aspects of life, we all need to seek within and find some sense of personal wholeness before we can expect the outer world to reflect it back to us.

    There are blogs that I enjoy wholeheartedly and wish to support with both visits and comments, but the fact is that there are only so many hours in the day. It's like a long-term relationship or marriage: You start out in a romantic phase, starry-eyed and exhilarated, unable to sleep at night because you're creating new posts or testing out new themes, socializing with scads of new blogging friends, partying on the Forums, etc.

    The question is whether you will still love your blog and your blogging universe after the 400th post or the 700th post -- even though your passion may shine through in a
    quieter, more sustainable manner.

    If one's sense of self becomes too dependent on the number of page views, the number of comments, the number of friends or fans one picks up along the way, chances are the inner blogging fire will fizzle out early. BTW, I'm not suggesting that you come across this way: I appreciate your post and the way you presented it.

    Just sayin' that there appears to be quite a bit of desperation and neediness out there, and perhaps some deep breaths and balance are called for.

  5. i guess i am just used to smaller blog groups like where i started out on myspace where there weren't that many of us so we regularly checked in on each other and had discussions on the blogs through comments so it was more of a social blogging situation, i am guessing that would be hard on wordpress considering how many posts and users there are.

  6. @naturalbuzz
    I agree with everything raincoaster and niwotcentral have said.

    Firstly, your blog is very new and there are very few posts in it. Until you have a substantial archive of original high quality content not found in other blogs, and is that is properly tagged, and has been indexed by search engines you will not get a traffic flow from them. This is important because healthy blogs get 30 - 60% of their traffic from targeted readers using search engines and they don't necessarily come from A targeted reader is already interested in your blog content when they arrive on your blog a targeted reader is more likely to leave comments.

    Secondly, your blog appears to be if not solely then primarily focused on Burt’s bees products. In it you propose to review Burt's Bess products and state "hope to hear from many Burt’s bees lovers soon " You have limited your blog's focus and it's important that you invest your own time in commenting on other blogs in the same niche as your own, not only behind the garden wall but beyond it as well.

    Also note that if you are reviewing products you need to post a disclaimer in accord with FTC regulations.

    Thirdly, if you do not promote your posts beyond then you are behind the "garden wall" so to speak. Since the advent of Twitter and microblogging one has to promote each and every post immediately following publication.

    Remaining here behind the garden wall and only promoting on the Showcase Forum and Off-Topic forum will NOT increase your traffic significantly at all. There are multi millions of bloggers and most do NOT post here or even venture here at all.

  7. "timethief"

    as i mentioned at the beginning of this post this was not about me wanting comments or subscriptions, it had nothing to do with my blog at all it was just an observation i made that there are a lot of bloggers out there that i think are doing a great job there blogs are interesting and very readable and yet nobody comments on them, i figured since there are so many bloggers out there and so many would have come across the blogs surely at least some of them would have loved the blogs and could have taken 30 seconds to let them know .

    it might just be me but i think of other people a lot even if i have never met them, i like to help people ,whether it be opening a door for somebody volunteering or just letting somebody know they are appreciated, it is nice to brighten the day of others it is something that could make the world of difference for somebody.

  8. Ummm ... that's nice and how's it working for you so far?

  9. threestoriestenpoems

    Don't you think that was a bit unwarranted? I do. Maybe you misunderstood her posts, and I get it, you were just trying to help. BUT, a comment like the last is a bit mean.

  10. Made me chuckle though ;)

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