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[email redacted] spam

  1. Why am I getting so much spam (prescription drugs, sex, etc) from "[email redacted]?" Spam traffic is way up and much of it is coming from this adress, which I assume to be affiliated with wordpress.

  2. That's a spoofed email address; by that I mean that support ( at ) wordpress ( dot ) com does exist, but that spammers have just basically used software to make it appear that this is the address that the email is coming from.

  3. thetimehascome

    I'm seeing a HUGE spike in spam comments today--from nothing getting past the filter to everything getting past it. What's the deal?

  4. There is a problem with Akismet which we will fix.

  5. yes I had that problem too

  6. Everyone probably has this problem.

    And to everyone who keeps saying they want Akismet switched off - this is what it would be like every day.

    We will fix it.

  7. Good to hear Mark. It is amazing how fast these spam bots can move these days.


  8. Why would people want them switched off

    keep up the good work


  9. Why would people want them switched off

    Because them folks on Time Warner and Verizon don't like hearing what a spam source their ISP is when their own comments get tagged as spam. :)

  10. Can somebody go back into the comment I posted above and break the email address? I can't edit the comment in IE6.

  11. Done. The link is there if you hover your mouse along that line to the right of the Member bit.

    hope this helps,

  12. With respect, not in IE6 it isn't. I can see two links that have comments numbers, but when I click them they just refresh the page.

  13. "Why would people want them switched off"

    Because in thousands of real spams they got 1 friend caught once.
    Believe me, that happens.

  14. The problem with Akismet is fixed.
    Apologies for it letting the garbage spam through.

  15. well done thanks

  16. I seem to have a problem with akismet. Yesterday akismet said 665 spam caught and today it said 671 spam caught, so I checked the spam (expecting to check the new spam) but there was none. This has been happening lately, the spam count is increasing without there being spam or maybe akismet is deleting them automatically. I am afraid akismet might be deleting genuine comments.

  17. There's a thread about the Akismet count that you can find if you search. Akismet doesn't delete anything. All it does is move the tagged as spam comments over to it's page for review. It will delete tagged comments if you don't review them after 30 days though.

    Hope this helps,

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