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Suppressing comments on just one post?

  1. I would like to be able to publish a post with comments suppressed for approval for modification for that post only, while permitting comments to continue on other posts. The two different themes I am using for blogs at the moment don't seem to allow that - are there themes that do? Is there something I can set irrespective of theme which allows me to do this?

    The reason for needing it is that occasionally I put a post up which asks a question to which I am looking for answers, but I don't want those who respond to see each others' answers - they would also prefer not to be able to, if it comes to that. But at the moment I am having to suspend all comments to all posts and I'm hoping there is a way around that.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. We need a link to your blog to be able to help.

  3. cathychua,
    Please post a link to your blog when asking questions in the forums. Often we need to be sure you are in the correct place, and sometimes it's necessary to see your blog. Start with:
    or link your name to your blog as described in the yellow sticky at the top of the forums.

  4. ~~~~ella~~~

  5. To the extent I am aware you can disable comment on individual posts or you can hold every comment for moderation from dashboard>discussion settings!

    P.S.: is a wonderful WP blogging help site.

  6. Please attach your blog name to your profile name. One Cool site has a good post on how to do it.

  7. Stop spamming the forum.

  8. o/ - Tess!!!!

  9. Sorry, my blog is

    I have also but I think my question is only relevant to the first mentioned address.

  10. You cannot require moderation on only one post. The comment settings will effect all posts. As vikasjnu says, you can turn the comments off on individual posts though.

    You might have to temporarily at least turn comment moderation on and then later you can take it back off if it is important for that particular post.

  11. Yes, I certainly don't want to turn off comments - I want them to appear, but only a day or so after my original posting. What a pity! At the moment I've having to monitor my site on a regular basis to make sure that I let comments not relating to my current post appear while suppressing the relevant ones....maybe the designers will think about more flexibility in this regard - am I the only person for whom this would be useful?

  12. Richard,

    My test blog is all messed up again, but could the op turn off comments on the one post, but also include a "contact form" so readers could make private messages? It doesn't seem to work, but my trial blog is messed up.

    My test blog is always getting messed up, switching themes multiple times everyday. Any advice on that? I lose widgets all the time. And public and private work differently sometimes? Or am I just too disorganized to be of use?

  13. @tess, that is an interesting thought. My test blog is a mess as well and W3C says I have 56 errors and my sidebar is at the bottom of the blog. I have widget issues as well and sometimes when I switch from public to private it doesn't change but says it has.

    I'll take a look at the contact form thing though.

  14. @tess, it works.

    1. create post
    2. disallow comments on the post
    3. insert [contact-form] below the post text (I recommend putting it in the HTML tab)
    4. People use the contact form and the blog owner gets the comment by email instead of it appearing on the blog.

  15. Then, if hte blog owner wants to post them, presumably s/he could just copy/paste them into the body of the post itself, under Edit.

  16. Exactly. The email contains all the information.

  17. I could do that myself, ask everybody to email me and then create a comment for each person myself. I was naturally hoping there was a more efficient method of doing that.

  18. The comments form IS more effective. It's built right into the blog and more people will use that than will use email.

  19. @tsp,
    Thanks for figuring that out!
    And I'm glad to hear that it works. Now to fix up my test blog…

  20. @tess, I'm about ready to delete all the widgets I've added with test stuff in them and also all the test posts I've done to try things out for the forums.

  21. @tsp,
    Yes, that's probably the easiest way. There are a few posts in mine that I use to answer questions in the forums (as inexpert as I am!), but I could just copy them to textedit.

  22. @cathychua, here's what I would recommend. Go to Settings > Discussion and uncheck everything in the "Default article settings" section at the top. Those are the default settings for new posts, so doing that will make it so any new post you add will have comments off by default. Then you just need to go back into that post edit page and turn on comments whenever you're ready.

    Note that there is not a way to suspend all comments for all posts from the settings pages. Once a post is created, you must manage the comments settings for that post separately.

  23. I'm not sure if I've made clear what I want to do. I want people to be able to leave comments - I don't want to turn comments off, only make them not appear until I want them to. Further, I want comments to appear publicly on my other posts while not having them appear on one or two....

  24. That cannot be done. The moderation setting effects the entire blog. It cannot be set only for one post.

    My "contact-form" solution is all that I could think of, but you would have to manually transfer the comments that you would receive by email to the blog once you decided to open them up.

    This isn't even available with the self-hosted version. I did some searching and did not find anything that allowed moderation to be set on a post-by-post basis - either though "hacks to the wordpress software, or via plugins.

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