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Surprise me! has swallowed my avatar

  1. Ever since I tried out the Surprise Me! setting, my avatar has disappeared.

    I removed the surprise me setting once I realised I didn't like what it did, but my avatar still as not come back.

    All it has been showing is the same "monster" icon instead. Is there a setting I have to tweak again? Anyone else with this problem?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Anyone?

  3. Must be a special setting just for you, Ian, because mine hung around when I stopped "surprise me".

    It may be obvious, but did you try re-uploading it or checking your settings at gravatar?

  4. Hi Jennifer - no, not tried that yet. Too much going on right now to fiddle too much with it. I just wondered whether anyone else had seen the problem.

  5. Maybe I should ask the question in a new thread? My photo shows up on my dashboard as usual. It's just that in any comments - and here on the board - it disappears.

    Why is this?

    Has anyone had this happen before for any reason?

    How did you solve the problem?

  6. Hi letters,
    I have had one size of my gravatar disappera and I don't know why that is. Have you tried goiig to the gravatar site and upload your gravatar again?

  7. ok

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