Need help? Check out our Support site, then adsense on my blog with out my knowledge

  1. Hi all,

    Surprise !! surpriise for me. To day i saw google adsense ads running on my blog entries ( without my knowl edge... is forcing ads now ?

    one of my post was listed in google with search string "mysql only hosting " click and see on top of post google adsense is running ? strange !! as adsense not appering on normal blog ... adsense is appearing on posts listed in google

    you can see screen shot at
    Even i click on link "advertise on this site" and the output is like

    Anyone facing same type of issue ??

    Thanks for your time

  2. is trying out ads.

  3. so we can put our own google adsese code or wordpress only put their code only ?

  4. Currently they are testing contextual advertising.

    It may happen, it may not. If you have a couple of hours spare have a read of "adsense in my blog" thread running at the moment.


  5. Ugh! I withdrew from as a lensmaster because of an identical Google ads placement. Now I have to worry about this happening here? Bottom of the sidbar or as a footer doesn't bother me, but this does. Squidoo is apparently going to give lensmasters a choice of how and whether ads will appear. I hope WordPress has the sense to do the same. I'd much rather pay for my blogs than have them mucked up with ads.

  6. At the moment gifted, we just don't know.

    The team are simply "testing" the advertising at the moment. They may offer it to bloggers, they may not.

    Even if they do I suspect it will be an opt in thing. There's so much discussion in the other thread that (as I said above) if you have a good couple of hours then have a read.

    /me goes to look at Squidoo as I've never heard of it...


  7. @linuxunix
    Say what? Am I receiving what you're saying correctly? Did you say that google adsense ads have been placed on your blog without your prior knowledge and permission? NAH - that can't be. That's nuts.

  8. When they said they'd be testing, I assumed they'd be putting ads on their own blogs. Or the blogs of people who'd been asking for ads. Seeing as how any other approach would be, as tt correctly points out, nuts, and frighten people unnecessarily. You may want everyone to keep up to date with the news blog, but the unfortunate truth is that they don't.

    But then, the ToS does say they can change their advertising policy at any time, so they don't actually need our prior knowledge and permission for anything.

  9. @wank - I'll bet my blogs and yours will be next [she said with a wicked chuckle.] GOTTCHA! Take that you uppity women ... lol :D ... going to check ...

  10. *chuckle* So what does Linux win for being the first one to point out the Adsense adverts? ;)

  11. Free unwanted ads for life, of course ... lol

  12. @timethief @wank thanks for your updates...i think you should desrve moderator status ...what you think drmike ??!!:)))

  13. Out of my hands. I don't have access to user levels here.

  14. I've worked hard to create and maintain my role here.
    I have surrendered my hair with sadness but I will not surrender my cute little hat
    The Moderator's hat belongs to drmike
    I'm just a clown.

  15. Without upsetting users.. WordPress should use In-Text Advertising which is online product placement based on the contextual relevancy between an advertiser’s brand and online content. With In-Text Advertising, the advertiser’s brand is linked to a relevant keyword appearing in the online content which is matched to the advertiser’s ad. Once the page has loaded some words which are relevant to the keywords outlined in the web page will be underlined. This does not cause a huge lag in service, nor does it interupt your viewing pleasure

  16. @sunsaturn
    I would like to strongly recommend that you read all the many threads on adsense and advertising. I think you will find many of us are fully aware of all the ins and outs of "conceptualized" rationalized advertising and are not in the least desirous of allowing advertising of any kind on our blogs.
    Many believe that those who do want to benefit from the niggardly profits gained from advertising pay for their blogs, rather than getting them free of charge.
    Some are even prepared, if backed against a wall, to pay to keep their blogs ad-free.
    I'm also feeling that you may need to be reminded (but I could be wrong so please don't be insulted if I am) that at this point in time you are not allowed to have any advertising on your blog here at
    I'm sorry if you conclude that I sound terse but I have very strong feelings about this over-commercialized world we live in , as well as, the pollution of cyber space.
    Happy blogging.

  17. i had a feeling that's how they'd blend them in, ads only showing up when your referrer is google (or another search engine).

    something matt said about you and your regular readers not seeing the ads.

  18. With In-Text Advertising, the advertiser’s brand is linked to a relevant keyword appearing in the online content which is matched to the advertiser’s ad.

    HELL NO!

    My words are not to be linked to advertising copy. And what's to say that I would rather see those words linked to something else? How about if I want to have them linking to something else. Say I try to make a post to someone else's blog but the text includes one of those words that are now paid for? There goes my link.

  19. Text linked advertising is PARASITISM. I actually understood this jargon and that's why I was so huffy. Kill the parasites! [she shrieked].

  20. I'm with drmike on this. I HATE that text linked advertising. I stopped visiting a number of sites because of it. It's garbage!

  21. Text link advertising does interrupt the viewing pleasure, as it has annoying little boxes that pop up when you pass your mouse over them.
    I do oppose having advertising forced on your personal piece of cyber space. If some people want ads, great, let them have the ads. But for the people who don't want them, then their choice needs to be respected.

  22. Suddenly using copyrighted material (blog contents) as advertising tools does require at least a specific notification, not a general TOS blurb. This is an issue, and yes, I'll be taking my blog off WordPress if I find out this has been happening to my blog.

  23. because, you know, other free hosting providers haven't been doing this for years. Terms of Service are the only legally binding notification method. anything else would be less.

  24. If you're wondering 'how low can they go' or 'where will it end' then check this thread out and get ready to see red [she said holding her nose]

  25. keep in mind, matt's not subjecting us to ads, nor is he subjecting logged in users, visitors from linking blogs, or visitors from RSS to them. just google visitors.

    shady that it's not opt-in? maybe.
    but keep in mind, it's a test.

  26. If they'd asked for testers on the news blog I'm pretty sure they'd have got them. All I can think of is that it isn't technically possible to specify which blogs they want displaying the ads right now.

    If logged-in users aren't seeing them, isn't that worse? It means visitors might be seeing ads on blogs and the owners know nothing about it.

  27. Folks, go read Matt's post. He says it's a test and nothing more currently.

  28. Read. Doesn't change my mind one bit. Like several people here have said, I'm sure if they asked they'd have gotten volunteers. But they didn't; they said, our TOS don't rule this out, so we have permission. Not really. Not in the opinions of the bloggers here.

    All they had to do was ask for volunteers to test it. We know that there are revenue streams for WordPress itself still being developed, but why disallow individual bloggers to put ads on their sites while allowing WordPress some revenue? Some people have been BEGGING to put ads on their sites; I, personally, made the decision to use WordPress (and before them Diary-x) specifically in part because of the lack of advertising.

    Opt-in. It's not really so hard.

  29. @raincoaster - Ahem. Thank goodness the testing is over tomorrow. Has everyone noticed that none of the subset "blessed" ^^ with advertising (except linux) have said a single word about it on the forum? I wonder why.

  30. To be read with a bit of tongue in cheek.

    Before anyone gets huffy and runs off to blogger (as if!) can we all just wait and see what Matt's intentions are?

    All we know so far is that adsense has been tested on a limited number of blogs and only Linuxunix has actually picked up on it.

    Rather than blow it all out of proportion (like with the other thread), be patient and see how it pans out.

    If you don't like the end result of the testing and the eventual announcements, then throw your toys out of the pram and run to MySpace.

    Raincoaster this might sound like I am singling you out, in a way I am, I just want everybody to calm down for a bit and see what happens.

    For the record - if advertising were forced onto blogs I would probably walk too. To be honest though, I really can't see that happening.


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