Need help? Check out our Support site, then adsense on my blog with out my knowledge

  1. Personally i think wordpress will lose A LOT of members if there's ads... i joined wordpress coz it's the only web hosts that doesn't have ads and it's free.

  2. WordPress has been doing ads on blogs since around August of 2006 so it isn't so new.

  3. Discussing the policy of ads on these forums has happened so many times it is not even funny. They are not displayed for logged in users and used as a way to keep this blogging host free. Discussing it here again will not change the fact they are being used, so please everyone could we move on!


  4. Salaam everybody, no probs with placing the ads but what gets me is the content. Meet sexy girls in your area -type of thing. Now that WP is testing the ad platform I really, really hope you guys give bloggers a chance to categorise. BR, ;j

  5. I have recently started my blog, just posted second post. Looked at it just now to find google ads including ones that are in-appropriate.

    What is going on? Can someone at WordPress sort this out please....

  6. lettershometoyou

    I noticed that too, way, way back the day after I posted. Once the system recognises you as "you" when you log in, you don't see the ads. Unfortunately, like hautamaki says, you have NO control over the content.

    I put a little disclaimer in the sidebar, telling visitors the ads are not mine, I don't get a nickel or dime for them, and as far as I'm concerned, they're welcome to the pocket change.

  7. katrinastonoff

    I agree with lettershometoyou. The ads are offensive. I don't want ads on my blog, not ads I put there nor ads someone else does.

    I came to WP because I thought it was the best platform. I've used a couple of others, and WP was the most powerful software combined with the best features and the best compromise between protection from spam and visibility. It's a good product, and it's worth paying for. I don't use WP because it's free, and if the ads are the "cost" of the service, it's too much, IMO. Let me pay for the service and keep it free of ads.

    The fact is: YOUR ads are place between my title and my content, and it looks like I've endorsed them. I haven't. Please make it possible for me to remove them.

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