adsense on my blog with out my knowledge

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    Why would the ads affect your google juice one way or another? WordPress always ranks high on google; what was the term you were searching for? If it was relatively specific, it would probably show up pretty highly anyway.



    I am re-submitting my Forum post sans typos because no one likes an illiterate rant!

    I’ve posted a total of one time on my WordPress blog using the Hemingway template. While doing a vanity search using Google search engine), I was surprised that my WP blog showed up as the third result. I was only searching my name GWEGGY. I clicked over and was more surprised to see two Google Ads on my blog post. And they were placed UNDERNEATH my post headline and BEFORE my writing!

    I specifically signed with WordPress to avoid the clutter – most of it self-imposed – that was seems to overtake mine and other Blogger blogs( I am grateful for service providers like Blogger and Word Press. But let’s get one thing straight. I want to be the sole beneficiary of my own creativity unless I agree otherwise. I never knowingly submitted to this. To the best of my recollection, this wasn’t outlined clearly anywhere during my sign up process which I believe occurred in August/September 2006.

    I do wonder though.. Do the two(2!), Google Ads, which appear so obtrusively on the blog, help affect a high search result on Google, since I have only one(1!) post at written January 8, 2007. Do Google Ads rank a page higher with Google? I think that is a reasonable query.





    You’d have to ask Google that.



    If you do a Google search for some very-very-unique term, like, “GWEGGY”… Or some string that is unuque to your blog… Then, you would likely be the ONLY result found…

    And if you are the ONLY result found… Guess what… You will be Number One…. : )

    I just stumbled upon this item. I have not had any experience of Adwords showing up on my blog. I sure hope that is not happening… or else I’m outta here too.

    PS – Is there any way to subscribe to threads in this forum – like this one?



    Add it to your favorites with teh link near the top and, within your favorites page, there’s an RSS link.

    Hope this helps,




    I have not had any experience of Adwords showing up on my blog. I sure hope that is not happening… or else I’m outta here too.

    In a nutshell “no” we cannot advertise on our blogs here but “yes” wordpress does advertise on them using adsense.
    If you wish you can confirm this by reading the this thread from the official blog



    TT, I hate to say it but that’s not what he’s talking about. He says nothing about Adsense of his own showing up. He’s complaining about Automattic’s Adsense showing up on his blog.



    I clearly understood the question and have edited my reply above to be very specific. If he clicks on the link “this thread” above he will be reading Matt’s post announcing that wordpress is indeed placing adsense advertising on his blog.
    And as he is firing questions at us like a scattergun, I thought I’d be wise to cover both bases of the adsense issue at once so he had the whole picture. :)
    In addition I have also posted the links in one of his threads to the pertinent resources he can use to answer his own questions, instead of wasting his time typing a new forum post every couple of minutes.
    Certainly you can’t find fault with this, can you? :)



    For the record, I hate ads. Especially google adwords ads.

    But, I think that bloggers should have the OPTION of turning adwords on (or off!)… on their own blog pages

    And there is no reason that WordPress (Automatic) should not be getting 25-50% of that take…

    My philosophy is: Be open to BOTH – giving AND receiving… the good the universe has in store for you…



    In the future those who wish to pay to have an ad-free blog may get that option. Many of us share your sentiments, myself among them however, that’s not our reality as you will note buy using the link I provided you with and by using the forum search box. :)



    Timtheif, for some reason I seem to run into you everywhere in the WordPress forums, and I’d also like to say, you really helped me with getting the “Who’s Among Us Box”. So, you have really helped me with making my blog awesome! So, Thanks for everything! :)


    drlilster, go to Dashboard > My Profile

    And put the url of your site where it says Contact Info. Click Update Profile and now your name on the forum and when commenting on other blogs will be clickable.



    You’re welcome and if you do this your username will be linked to your blog.
    (1) -> Dashboard -> Users -> Your Profile
    (2) look for “website” in the right hand column (it’s the second line just below email)
    (3) type in your blog’s full url
    (4) click “Update Options”

    And now like mmslo said above your username will be clickable in the forum and whereever you leave a comment on a blog when you are signed in that username will be clickable too.



    I’m new to this conversation and I can see by looking at the timestamps that other people have been in the know for a long time, but I’ve only just discovered ads in my blog. If this ad thing was a test last year, what is the current situation? Have readers of my blog been seeing ads I didn’t know was there? Will this happen again? I don’t want ads and am not happy about reading any of this. Can I stop the ads or are they just a fact of life at wordpress?


    In the wordpress blog, see Matt’s post On Ads.

    In addition, the last paragraph of the features page says this:

    To support the service we may occasionally show Google text ads on your blog, however we do this very rarely. In the future you’ll be able to purchase an upgrade to either turn the ads off or show your own ads and make money from your blog.


    It’s not all the time, only occasionally. You will never see them when logged in nor will anyone else who has a wordpress account and is logged in. Personally I’ve never seen them at all.



    > Have readers of my blog been seeing ads I didn’t know was there?

    yes, sure.

    there are some conditions on ‘when ads are served’, but they are still not being disclosed to the <del>community</del> userbase, so we can only guess.

    > Will this happen again?

    yes, sure.

    > I don’t want ads and am not happy about reading any of this. Can I stop the ads or are they just a fact of life at wordpress?

    no you can’t in the moment, and yes they are just a fact of life at


    I don’t want ads and am not happy about reading any of this. Can I stop the ads or are they just a fact of life at wordpress?

    Ads are a fact of life at and if you have read the information at the links that thesacredpath gave you then you have 3 options.

    (1) Wait for the option to purchase an upgrade to remove the ads from your becomes available

    (2) Export the contents of your blog out and import them into a new blog free hosted by a different webhost that does not have advertising.

    (2) Self host your own blog by hiring a web host. Quality web hosting is inexpensive, software from is free, and there are those who will install software free of charge. You can then import your blog contents into your new site.



    Everyone just loves money….



    u know i WAS considering to move to some other web hosts bacause wordpress doesn’t do javascript but i didn’t because all other web hosts had ads on them. But now wordpress’s doing ads as well… i think we should be able to switch ads on/off too… the ads are so annoying. :(

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