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Surprise:There is no need of YouTube shortcode!

  1. Today I made a mistake in my blog, instead of placing [youtube=(insert youtube video url)] I just forget it and quickpressed it the easy (lazy) way just put the link there and published.. and for my surprise the video was bigger but it plays normally.. my theme Journalist made it very large and beautiful automatically... and.. now I want to change all my shortcoded videos to single links.. I think the automatic width and height works in every theme as I go along and preview it..

    So why this isn't in the support page for YouTube in WordPress? Such a nice option! ( ) And if I change all my YouTube shortcodes to link, I could have a problem in the future as new features come about?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Surprise! It's in the support documents, BUT, it doesn't always work, so it's not the recommended method. The short code never fails, but the embed method quite frequently fails.

  3. Thanks Raincoaster!

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