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Surviving as a Tween

  1. professorpatch

    If you all could please check out my special blog about my life as a tween, and trying to survive the experiences of middle school. It's a new blog but I really hope you will enjoy it. Here's the link:

    The blog I need help with is

  2. professorpatch

    New posts now. Please check it out people!

  3. I like your blog and I especially like the cello. :) I respect and appreciate the effort you put into creating your About page. Keep on blogging! :)

  4. professorpatch


  5. You're welcome. :)

  6. Are you really a tween, or is this more of memoir? You write very well and have a great awareness that I rarely see in people so young.

  7. professorpatch

    Yes, I'm really a tween. I really have no idea where my good writing comes from. I read a lot, and I take what I see there as an example for my writing. As for as spelling goes, I don't know where I got it from. Memory possibly.

  8. professorpatch

    My bad for not commenting quicker daisysprouts, I was off the internet for a while.

  9. I read your latest post and I must say that you are very methodical. You pose an interesting question in using black paint in other sports. I can just see golfers and tennis players starting a new trend in the game.

    I wish I had your awareness and curiosity when I was your age. As a tween, the only thing I was curious about was how I could skip school and which mall I'd go to with my friends.

  10. professorpatch

    Thanks for reading and the kind words lafemmeroar.

  11. professorpatch

    New post up, please check it out. It's something you readers can do to help me!

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