Suspended Blog for ‘Violating Terms of Service’

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    My blog has been suspended for violating terms of service and I don’t know what to do! I’ve sent messages to report the problem but is there anything else I can do? Has anyone had this problem before?

    The blog I need help with is



    We cannot assist with any blog suspension issues in these support forums. Contact the Terms of Service Staff please. You were provided with a link to do that in the warning. Please use it.


    @Galois- I’ve done so and haven’t recieved any confirmation email or any sort of communication from WordPress. I’ve never experienced this before in the years I’ve been a WordPress member. I’m confused and was looking for any additional information or support that may help me retrieve my ability to get my blog back. I didn’t realize there was no support for blog suspension, nor do I know how to delete my question.



    Hi there,

    Please be patient while waiting for our terms of service team to reply to the multiple tickets you submitted, and on a public holiday at that. As @galois already indicated, we do not help with suspended sites in the forums, so please don’t create any new threads on this issue. Also don’t submit any more tickets to our Terms of Service team, as submitting multiple tickets will actually make it take longer for them to reply to you, as each new email you send moves your issue back to the bottom of their queue.

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