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Suspended blog returned: with the wrong theme

  1. So, is this procedure now? My blog was mistakenly suspended, just got un-suspended, and suddenly it's in Twenty Twelve instead of the previous theme with a custom header.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It also wiped out all my text widgets. Imagine my joy.

  3. I believe this has been resolved for you - another member of Staff replied to your email inquiry.

    Let me know if you still need help!

  4. @raincoiaster
    It's wearing Confit now and I think it looks 100 X better than it did in Dusk to Dawn. Did you check here Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets > Inactive Widgets. If the former ones are there then you can re-install them where you want them to appear.

  5. I think all the Widgets were found in the Inactive area - but still takes a bit of time to drag them back - some of the Widgets were collectors items - no longer available

  6. I can't go back there until that animated background is removed. My vision simply cannot handle that at all without making my left eye hurt and provoking a migraine.

  7. Yes, all the widgets were in the Inactive zone. I hadn't scrolled down to look for them.

    I was pretty angry when I saw the theme was changed, so I made the most obnoxious background I could. Hasn't hurt hits any. But I'll change it later today, don't worry.

    I got a non-explanation explanation from staff. "We changed something briefly. And then we fixed it." But no word on why they'd have changed anything like that.

  8. Please, please change the background. Did I say please?

    My left eye response was so bad I'm now wearing a patch over it and hoping I don't have to log out due to a migraine.

  9. God, I'm sorry. I had no idea a GIF in black and white could do that.

  10. I'm not the whiner type. I'm fiercely independent and it took me years to admit online that I was visually challenged but gifs like that do me right in. If I don't click out immediately when I experience crawling and moving images I will end up with a migraine.

  11. All fixed. Now if only changing the "header text colour" changed it on all the headers and not just the name of the blog. That orange is heinous.

  12. I like the orange. lol :D
    The color orange combines the physical energy and stimulation of red with the cheerfulness of yellow. Orange relates to our gut instincts, as opposed to the physical reaction of red or the mental reaction of yellow.

  13. Yes, but it's icky. I want the purple I've got on the blog name for all the title text. I may bite the bullet and go for custom design once I'm paid. Personally I put my nose in the air and say they should give it to me, after suspending me for no reason and giving me bloody Twenty Twelve.

  14. Children, mystics and spiritual seekers are drawn to the color purple and purple is the color most favored by artists, myself excluded.

  15. It's also prevalent in my background image, which kind of clashes with orange.

  16. Let us know if you need help getting any widgets back, should be as simple as looking at Google Cache and re-creating based on the contents.

    Note: there are still 4 widgets in "Inactive Sidebar (not used)" area in case any of those are still useful.

  17. Thanks, I got the widgets back. Can you actually look at sourcecode in a Google cache?

  18. Yep! I do it often when helping authors "get widgets back."

    I view source on the cached page, find the widget containers, and one-by-one look at the widget "type" by inspecting its HTML class and ID values. Next, you can grab the "widget content" from the HTML as well.

    This is really only important for text widgets—other types are easier to re-create by looking at the cached web page.

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