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Suspicion is correct.

  1. You're welcome. :) Are you also aware of how to report spam blogs? Id not then see here >

  2. Hilariously enough I just stumbled upon the function when I searched for something else. But yes, good to know! As sadly blogs seem to be the new playing ground for spammers. Or I just never realised on livejournal.

  3. First Thanks to all for your comments be they supportive or not.

    Now having run many forums in my time, I understand that there is a "default" setting on the forums and because of that there is an automatic sending here in WP to "support" if one posts with out making a direct choice of area.

    What I was suggesting by removing that "add new post" button was to actually change the posting system which can be done so that there is no "default" to Support.

    Unless there is a quirk with WP forums, it should be able to have the individual topics stand-alone so that when one is posting BEFORE you can submit you MUST choose the proper area to post in. By listing those individual areas with a description of each to direct the user to the correct place you eliminate the need for that "add new button" on the main page and confine it to the individual area instead where the poster should be going in the first place. This would stream-line the process as well as keep the forums much more tidy.

    The advantages to this are that those "volunteers" who provide answers to the Support Area would then just have to go to "support" and not have to filter through an endless list of other topics, replying to others with things such as....this is not a support question...I have flagged this to be moved to the correct area....etc and allow them to cut down on the actual time they are spending on nonsense instead of Support replies.

    Second it would also remove any confusion new people might have as to why their posts are being moved around because they will be posting to the RIGHT area from the start.

    In essence it would end up looking more like this:
    Of Topic

    down the middle of the page and to access you would have to "click" on the one you want...not just the "add new button" fill out the form correctly and submit. NO, you would not see the list of "latest discussion" until you entered the area you want, where you would see those that pertain to that topic.

    In my opinion and having moderated many a forum, this is a clean way to do it.

    Finally it would also make it much easier for the Admin to focus in on both Support issues and Ideas or Suggestions, cutting down the time the HE have to spend sifting through posts as well.

    Oh and as one last would even be possible to set up a "hidden" forum to send all that "spam" to when it is flagged by either a Volunteer or a Member making it very easy to deal with in the end by whoever is responsible for that.

    Hopefully I have made my suggestion a bit clearer now. :)

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