Suspicious and unwanted referrer; spam feature AWOL

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    Hi, all.

    I’m receiving daily hits from When I click on them in my referrers list, Google Chrome says it can’t find the https. I can get to them via a separate Google search but nowhere on their site is there any evidence that they have linked to me in any way. They appear to be a cheesy site selling skin products–zero relevance to my hiking blog.

    Another WordPress user,, had this same problem last August and tried contacting the administrators of the site to no avail. (Strangely, this person’s question thread was closed in the WordPress forums before it was ever addressed.) I have not, nor ever will, become involved with Facebook.

    The solution I would like is to be able to mark this referrer as spam but WordPress doesn’t seem to provide that option.

    Can anyone help me eradicate this pest?



    The blog I need help with is




    Oh no! I’m so sorry I posted that outdated link.

    Here’s the correct one


    Um…yeah, like I said, that feature doesn’t seem to be offered for this referrer. When I hover the pointer over their name, no little spam flagging icon pops up. It does for every other referrer in the list, just not that one. It’s like they’re immune.



    Hi again,
    Please let us know:
    (a) Exactly what kind of device you are using to connect to the internet and to
    (b) Exactly which browser (and version of it) you’re using by checking here if necessary

    I’ll tag this thread for a Staff follow-up. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.


    I’m using a computer, the same computer that has been delivering WordPress to me, problem-free, for two years now. My broadband provider, Comcast, has had zero problems. Windows 7 has had zero problems. Chrome 34 has had zero problems. I have successfully flagged a referrer as spam in WordPress before and they were removed immediately. I have encountered zero operating glitches in WordPress since I opened an account.

    A good question to ask is “Has anyone else encountered this problem with the unwanted referrer in question?” Answer: yes.

    “Has anyone else encountered a problem tagging a Facebook referrer as spam?” Answer: ?

    “What did WordPress do to help them?” Answer: ?



    It’s in your best interest not to post again into any thread that’s already been tagged for Staff like I tagged this one. Doing that moves the datestamp and timestamp ahead and it takes longer to get Staff help.

    Staff work through all forum threads tagged for their attention and through all email support tickets in order of datestamps and timestamps – first posted first served, as would be expected.

    How long it takes to clear the threads and support tickets depends on how many Happiness Engineers are working on them at any given point in time. It also depends on how complex the issues in each thread and ticket are are.



    Hi there,

    Please note that is whitelisted which is the reason why you can’t mark Facebook profiles as spam. I asked our team and it wouldn’t be possible to mark it as spam.

    Also, just a note that marking referrers as spam does not block viewers from viewing your site – it just keeps it from appearing on your Site Stats. It has no bearing on site views or visits.

    If you want to control who can view your site, you can set your site to private by going to Settings > Reading in your Dashboard. This will allow you to invite only readers you want to view your site.

    Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!


    Ah. Thank you, Grace, for answering my question.

    Just another reason to loathe and eschew Facebook. Luckily, I have a real life a thousand times better.

    Have a wonderful weekend wherever you are,




    Hi Anna,

    You’re very welcome! Have a great weekend as well!


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