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Suspicious link

  1. Greets!
    I would like to ask for some help locating & identifying a suspicious link that has somehow found its way into my blog and has been clicked a few times now, according to my stats page.

    I always keep my blog clean of any and all ads, spams etc, and would like it to remain so; but currently don't know how to find where this link is hiding itself.
    It's not behind any commentator's name, I checked that, as the only possible place afaik a link I didn't add, could creep in from.
    It's a very long link and it leads to some bogus site. Check it here.
    Thank you very much for your help in advance.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It is an affiliate link from your post on Sakura Mitsu Tsuki.

  3. I have no idea where it's come from or what it is.
    Can you please tell me where in that page it is put? I can't see it I checked the page thoroughly. It's ad-related right? I need to remove it immediately then.
    How will I be able to know when my blog is targeted by such things and how can I prevent them, or when happened, find them out?

  4. I don't know where in the page it is. I just saw it was on that post by hovering my cursor over the link you gave. It might be in the YouTube video in the comment.

  5. I think my case is the same as the one here
    If you would be so kind as to check and confirm, I'd appreciate it.

  6. No, it's not. Yours is an affiliate link placed on that specific page.

  7. What do I need to do?
    This is getting a bit disturbing. I'm not an "affiliate" on any ads or marketing programs.

  8. You know what raincoaster? You are horrifically terrible at what you do. You should ask the guy holding that gun to your head forcing you to do this so-called "support" job, to give you a break.

    My case is as a matter of fact same as perribirney's post which I was lucky enough to browse around and find. Good thing I had the suspicion beforehand, that this might simply have been an error on the stats side. So I looked around and found that post.
    I guess thanks for continually confusing me while I helped myself out with my problem.

    You only bothered to "hover over" a link I provided and based on your "guess" alone, you're insisting on giving me the wrong and disturbing info. Some support that is. Great job mate. You didn't even trouble yourself to actually go check that page you claim is infected (which would take you 2 seconds to do), to help me out & see where it's located... while I'm troubled here checking over and over again the same page, finding nothing and thinking what I might have missed. And it's an earnest case for me since I greatly dislike spams and ads.

    In the meanwhile, I checked the stats further back and in the very nearly one year it's passed since Sakura Mitsu Tsuki's posting, it's reached 4.7k hits. But my all-time "Clicks" show only 4 clicks on that spam link, and each time it was from a different page. The only obvious case is an infected visitor and his false trails.

    Seriously, guy. Stop doing such a horrible job at something you're almost satirically awful at. Get the hell out of here and stop wasting people's times while botching up our trust and respect towards WP, while you are at it. Doing a hasty, sloppy job with that indifferent attitude, is far worse than not doing it you know. Ridiculous!

  9. Dude, I don't know where you're getting this expectation that I am a paid staffer who is at your beck and call. Like auxclass, I am a volunteer here. I have things to do. I went and did them. Auxclass picked up where I left off. I can't intuit things if you don't give me information. And I certainly don't need to take your attitude.

  10. Okay. Only for the sake of clarity:

    1. Yes I did think that you are a paid staffer. Regarding my presumptuous attitude, I'm humbly apologizing. Forgive me, please. Eternal thanks for doing a bona fide job.

    2. Yes I gave you little to no information, and only one of the four spam links, but that was what I had at that moment.

    3. The rate and speed at which you, thimethief, & a couple more are answering the forums from what I see, is great enough to throw anyone in to suspicion that you're probably cutting corners on a paid job by being too fast & superficial. But yes, admittedly, that assumption was in the end due to my ignorance.

    Still, I would respectfully ask you to refrain from replying unless you are sure and the info you will provide will eventually help. Because when I finally found that post answered by an admin no less, (same one you referred me to, auxclass, and I already had found it, check above) I got my answer, and I was ultimately relieved, and my doubts cleared. Yet you insisted that my page, on a blog I greatly care about, and have kept free, even though I have spent money on it over years, was contaminated with some worthless spam service program or the like, without any evidence (yes I know the end of that link mentions my sakura mitsutsuki post page but I thoroughly examined every possibility in the "edit post" page over & over and found no such link or a suspicious entry). I found that really disturbing, if not indirectly offensive. Hence my misfired indignation.

    Well, if I may, allow me to ask that this shameful display of my self-importance be discarded and cheers to your happiness!

  11. Why do you think I answered your questions, if not to work towards solutions? Stop projecting.

  12. @kyuzodono
    I'm glad you found the thread I deliberately tagged for macmanx to answer here knowing he could phrase an answer better than I could.

    You are right. I do answer threads very quickly and that's because most questions a repetitious and have been asked and answered so many times over the course of the last 8 years that I have a whole blog full of copy and paste answers. I do periodically update them when new information is uncovered or things change but in 96/100 cases the answers are correct, understandble and don't need updating.

  13. @timethief: The feeling is mutual, I assure you :). It was very good on your side to obtain a reliable answer which as a side note happened to help my case as well. Also my thanks to macmanx for a distinct explanation.

  14. @kyuzodono
    Cheers and best wishes with your blog.

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