Suugest new theme to be added to available free themes

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    Member has 2 great looking themes which are free

    The blog I need help with is



    Themes have to have a special copyright designation in order to be considered here. I don’t remember the technical name, but basically restriction-free, not just free. There’s a 400-500 post thread in the forums which staff have asked people to add to when they find specific themes they want here.

    The trend is however for to develop its own themes for here alone. We’ve had six or so in the last little while. There are .org versions of at least some of these themes, but they don’t work as well as they do here in my experience.


    If the themes are restriction-free can I take one, change it and submit the changed thing as another theme?



    All of my custom themes are based on modifications of other themes.


    Any difficulty on getting WP to approve the new theme? I assume you can’t use custom themes without the CSS upgrade?



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    The CSS upgrade is just that: you get the ability to modify the CSS. It does not include the ability to upload themes. That cannot be done here.


    Themes that are used here have to go through rigorous security checks and they have to be modified to comply with the restrictions and features here at wordpress.COM. You can certainly build a theme and submit it, but even if they do accept it, it is still going to have to go through all that process. There may be features you add that they will take out, or severely limit. I’ve seen many themes that are in use here that have been pared down considerably from their .ORG equivalent.



    Arthemia requires so much hacking of the underlying theme files to get it to work, that I doubt staff will adopt it. It looks nice, but staff would have to do a bunch of work to turn it into a finished theme.



    Hey all.
    I’d like to see more flexible width themes.





    Themes have to have a special copyright designation in order to be considered here. …

    That GPL (general public license) requirement has been dropped. See here for the new approach >



    Suffusion is an elegant browser-safe theme with a power-packed set of options.

    It has 8 widget areas, one-column, two-column and three-column fixed-width formats, 10 pre-defined templates, 16 pre-defined color schemes (green, red, orange, purple, 2 shades of blue and 2 shades of gray, each on light and dark backgrounds), two customizable multi-level drop-down menus for pages, categories and links, featured posts, a magazine layout, a customizable tabbed sidebar, widgets for Twitter, Social Networks and Google Translator, threaded comments, translations in many languages and RTL language support.

    Tags: rtl-language-support, sticky-post, translation-ready, threaded-comments, custom-header, custom-colors, one-column, dark, light, black, white, purple, orange, red, silver, blue, green, theme-options

    My reason for asking for this theme is because it has so many customizable options and features. IMO the ability to use those options and features weill appeal to many bloggers who want to personalize their theme.



    I agree with timethief. I like any elegant browser-safe theme which has so many features and customizable options.



    I looked over Suffusion’s main features and some developer’s reviews.

    Wow. Gee. Yes, lots of choices.
    An older review..but just to get the gist of it.



    Hello there muhshodiq and maidiebike
    Thanks for checking out Suffusion and posting your support. Thanks for that link. I read the review and found this interesting:

    Downside: Pages do not display in the navigation bar until selected to do so.

    LOL :D

    Here at where I answer questions posed by bloggers on this very topic, I’m sure that the majority would consider the ability to be able to select which Pages display in the navigatiojn bar would be viewed positively.


    I agree with TT also. I’ve played around with that theme, and it is solid, and feature rich.



    YES! I had a sneaking suspicion you would do some torture testing. ;)


    Welcome TT



    @The Theme Team
    I have reconsidered and hereby withdraw my request for the Suffusion theme to be added to theme selections. IMO introducing it would simply lead to thread after thread on this forum requesting help with option selections.

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