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    I have blog 2 with the content I want, and blog 1 with the URL I want. If I try to totally delete blog 1, it tells me I can never use that URL again. If I don’t totally delete it, it copies it, but doesn’t free the URL up for me to use. I had purchased and associated a domain name with blog 1.

    Blog 1: lafayetteplace.wordpress…..
    (associated purchased domain name -lafayettezone.com)
    Blog 2: lafayettezone.wordpress….

    Appreciate any assistance on this.

    The blog I need help with is lafayettezone.com.



    Just to be clear: You have a custom domain, http://lafayettezone.com/

    You have a blog connected to that custom domain, http://lafayetteplace.wordpress.com/ This blog is titled “Oops” and contains no content.

    You have a second blog, http://lafayettezone.wordpress.com/, titled Lafayette Place and containing all your content.

    Question 1: Do you want to move your content from http://lafayettezone.wordpress.com/ to http://lafayetteplace.wordpress.com/ ?

    Or question 2: Do you want your custom domain to point to http://lafayetteplace.wordpress.com/ instead of http://lafayettezone.wordpress.com/

    And if yes to question 2, Question 3: Did you purchase the domain http://lafayettezone.com/ from WordPress.com or did you just purchase domain mapping form WordPress.com?


    Thank you for your quick reply. In answer to your very last question – I purchased the domain ‘lafayettezone.com’ from wordpress.

    Question 1. No.
    Question 2. No.

    I want purchased domain ‘http://lafayettezone.com’ to direct to ‘http://lafayettezone.wordpress.com containing the full content.

    If you type in: http://lafayettezone.com – it takes you to the “oops” page (http://lafayetteplace.wordpress.com).

    I just want to switch them over – I am aware that lafayetteplace is the primary – I am obviously out of my element.

    FYI The export I put in for this afternoon failed to move the info…

    Thank you for your patience and assistance, this is a learning experience -I look forward to getting the hang of it.

    Thank you


    I also have the same dilemma. I have 2 blogs and I want the purchased custom domain (not through wordpress) to direct to blog #2 instead of blog #1. I have already designed blog #2 the way I want it so I do not want to transfer the content from blog #1 just direct the custom domain there.



    Well, tell us exactly which blogs and domains you are talking about. Nobody can help you until you do.


    My apologies….Both blogs are named Race to the Flag 5k but one address is racetotheflag.wordpress.com and one is sarahelizat.wordpress.com. The custom domain of racetotheflag.org is directed to sarahelizat.wordpress.com and I want to instead use racetotheflag.wordpress.com. I apologize in advance because this is all very new to me and my partner who was helping me with this is not sure how to do this. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.




    Sorry, I switched them around with Q2. So, you want to change where your custom domain points. Then you don’t need to actually export the content to the other site.

    Switching the custom domain to another blog has to be done by staff, so I’ve tagged this thread for their attention. Please confirm in a reply that you want the custom domain http://lafayettezone.com/ to point to http://lafayettezone.wordpress.com Then please be patient while waiting for a reply from staff.



    http://racetotheflag.wordpress.com/ has been deleted, so it’s not possible to connect that to a custom domain. http://sarahelizat.wordpress.com/ contains no content and doesn’t redirect to http://racetotheflag.org/ This thread has been tagged for staff, so please be patient for their reply. They’ll be able to see which URLs you own and will advise you further.




    Hi there,

    After looking into your account, I found that the domain: racetotheflag.org is already pointing to the site: racetotheflag.wordpress.com as seen here:


    If this is not what you see, can you please try clearing out your cache and cookies using the guide below?



    I have responded to you privately. Please check your email and respond from there if you have any questions.


    Hi John,

    After doing research after my post, I figured out that I could rename it to the blog that I needed.

    Thank you so much for your quick response and help!

    Nancy Tannahill



    Glad it worked out! You’re very welcome Nancy!

    Happy Blogging!


    Kokkieh – thank you for your help.

    Yes I do confirm that I want purchased domain ‘http://lafayettezone.com’ to direct to ‘http://lafayettezone.wordpress.com containing the full content of the blog.

    Thank you!


    Gracejiyoung – greetings – I see in your response you sent me a private email – I have searched but can’t seem to find it? Please see my last post, I did receive an email requesting confirmation to proceed with my request which I confirmed. Sorry for my confusion – I do appreciate your help.



    HI John!

    Thanks for the confirmation! I have transferred the domain: lafayettezone.com to the WordPress.com site: lafayettezone.wordpress.com as requested!



    Bless your pointy head! Thank you. Thank you for your patience and assistance – eventually I’ll get wordpress under my belt, I very much like it.



    Sounds great!

    Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions!

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