Swedish translation of Veggie theme shows the date wrong

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    Hi! I noticed a problem with one of the Swedish translations for the Veggie theme – a preposition has been translated so that the date on a post shows up as “Publicerat på 21 augusti 2018”.

    I suggested a new translation (“Publicerat den 21 augusti 2018”), but the last time I was adding translations they went unnoticed by validators for some time, so I thought I’d post here as well.

    The blog I need help with is funktionsrattstockholmslan.se.



    Hi there,

    There’s an open topic in this forum with a new validator for Swedish here:


    If you’re willing, you can cut out the middle-man, as it were, and post to that thread to discuss this translation with them.

    Else we can also reach out to them directly to ask them to take a look at your translation.



    I am the new validator for Swedish. I apologize for my mistake and I have corrected the wrong translation now.



    Thank you, @elfredrik!



    I have probably gone through 700-800 Swedish waiting strings yesterday. So right now there are no waiting strings. It can explain that some of these were wrong. Please let me know if you find more errors in other places.


    Oh sorry, I haven’t checked this thread for a bit. I can see how translation problems could easily happen, as the context of the English word is not always obvious, and “på” certainly would have made more sense in many cases.

    Anyway, thank you for fixing it @elfredrik!

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