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sweet blossoms

  1. it doesnt support widgets i switched from another theme and its gone my widget.. hmmmmm jus curious

  2. OK, do you have a question or just making a statment?

  3. im asking a question if anyone knows if they used that theme before if that happens to them too?????????? i wanna use that but my youtube videro is cut off some and well my widget dont appear...... im jus curious!

  4. The form of a question is not evident in your post above nor can any question mark be found in it.

    Sweet Blossoms is one of the themes that does not have widget support. If you require widgets you will have to choose another theme. Ambiru, Supposedly Simple and Green Marinee also lack widgets.

  5. thank you very much!!!!!!!!! was jus curious thats all...... but really thanks i was going crazy trying to figure it out ! LOL

  6. You're welcome - happy blogging. :)

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