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    Hello:) Please, bear with me, I have quite a few questions. I would like to know how I can display a single project type on my portfolio page? Currently I have two parent project types, Devotionals and Videos. I do not want the Devotionals project type to be displayed on the Videos portfolio page. How can I do that? And, is there a way to display limit the number of projects that are displayed per page and have pages?

    The other question I have is how can I display the Devotionals project type on a separate page titled Devotionals here → https://instrumentofpraize.net/devotionals/ ?

    The blog I need help with is instrumentofpraize.net.


    Howdy –

    There’s a portfolio display shortcode that might do the trick. Check it out here: https://en.support.wordpress.com/portfolios/portfolio-shortcode/

    Write back with more questions.



    Yeah, I already tried the shortcode. I forgot to mention, before I reach out to seek help I always try the forums first. However, I didn’t see anything regarding the issue I’m currently having. So, I’ve tried the shortcode, but it keeps defaulting to showing all of my projects. I also tried switching between the portfolio template and default template under the Page Attributes but it’s still not working.

    My question was → Is there a way I can display a single project type on my portfolio page? Is there a CSS trick that will accomplish what I am asking?



    By the way, I’d like to use the portfolio template not the default template. When I try using a shortcode along with the portfolio template my videos show up twice on the page, which is very overwhelming for me, let alone the user. However, I prefer the portfolio template because it looks more uniform, well laid out for the site.



    Currently, your theme’s Portfolio template displays all Portfolio items, there’s no way to change that.

    My colleague recommended the shortcode (which of course won’t work on the Portfolio template) because you can limit the type included with the include_type attribute: https://en.support.wordpress.com/portfolios/portfolio-shortcode/#attributes

    Did you try that, and if so is that what you meant by it continuing to revert to the default?



    Yes, I tried that before I reached out, then tried again and again, but it’s still not working. Thanks anyway. I’ll manage:)

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