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  1. moradbouchakour

    WordPress will become a powerfull CMS when it would alow .SWF file format.
    Without .swf support WordPress will not prevail.

    WP should could look for a solution and talk to adobe about it, instead of hiding behind the 'security' story.


  2. .swf is not supported due to security.

    VideoPress ( will work for videos, and or youtube.

    Security is a major thing as if any blog gets hacked it could litterally bring down the whole network.

  3. @moradbouchakour
    I notice that you don't have any posts yet. In case you don't know that is a wpMU (multi-user) blogging platform please read these entries

    You could hire a web host and move to self hosting a free standing install from

  4. /oops! I forgot to wave to dreamsburnred :)
    What you said about security is right on.

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