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    Dear All

    My website switched to infinite load like this ->

    I prefer to use paginaton like this ->

    I don’t know why it suddenly happens.
    How to switch back to pagination?


    The blog I need help with is bayuangora.wordpress.com.


    Hi bayuangora,

    Can you check if “Infinite Scroll” is switched on or off in Settings -> Writing -> Theme Enhancements?



    When I uncheck infininite scroll option, then it switch to load more button, not pagination button. I need pagination with prev next button to page/2/, page/3/, etc, not only single load more button.



    Now I can’t find any button to acces page/2/, page/3/, etc.


    Hi bayuangora,

    It may be the case that the theme you’re using will only allow you to set the posts to display either with infinite scroll or with the load more button.

    I’m going to add the modlook tag to this thread as I’m not able to help you further but staff here are able to go in and view your site’s dashboard settings. It may be that there are other settings for your theme that I’m not aware of.



    Hi @bayuangora, you switched to a different theme some time ago, and that one is now retired. Did you notice the change back when you switched?

    Also noting, many themes just use infinite scroll or “older posts” these days. That way your user does not have to click to a separate URL and load that page up to get at the content.

    Can you let us know what trouble you’re running into with that?



    I tried to switch to several another themes and many of them are performing the same with load more button. So, I can’t sure if the change is from the themes or from WordPress core itself. Also for now, I can’t find which theme that still use pagination button as feature?


    Hey there,

    It is very rare to see a current WordPress.com theme with pagination as you describe, as the last 20 themes I’ve checked had infinite scroll or “older posts” as @supernoiva described. In fact, I cannot think of one with a setup like that. As the one you referenced in the original post is a self-hosted theme, that may be the best route to go for that format at this point.

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