Switch existing blog from MT to WP: Can I do mydomainname.com/blog?

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    Hi everyone,
    I would dearly love to switch from MT to WP. The thing is, I have a pre-existing blog at an address like mydomainname.com/blog. With lots of sites linking in, I don’t want to mess with a new URL.

    When I tried the domain feature under Options, it says I can’t do it?

    Does anyone have any advice on whether it is possible?


    if you map your blog to mydomainname.com, and then create an empty page called blog, and go to options > reading, and set some other page as the static front page, you can set the ‘posts page’ to blog. then when people go to mydomainname.com/blog, they’ll see your most recent entries. your entries will just show up as mydomainname.com/2007/01/entryname though.



    You could do it with the downloadable version of WordPress that you obtain from http://wordpress.org You would have to install that in your own webspace though. The best we could do here at wp.com, since it’s different software, would be blog.mydomain.com and that would be with a CNAME.

    Hope this helps,



    Thanks so much. I will look at wordpress.org version.

    Let me spin the question slightly differently…what is the impact, or how can I minimize the impact of switching URLs from

    Existing: mydomain.com/blog
    To: mydomain.wordpress.com

    If there are a couple of hundred existing incoming links, can the old mydomain.com/blog url be “forwarded”/mapped in such a way that the links aren’t broken…sorry if not making sense, just trying to see how limited I am in this conversion. Thanks!



    I know the effect on britgirl’s blog of moving from wordpress.com to a wordpress.org blog is that she lost all her links and her ranking due to the way Technorati works.

    I know that the effect on raincoaster of the sub-domain change from raincoaster.wordpress.com to raincoaster.com was that she lost all of her blogs links and her blog ranking. I also believe because she has a very high readership she has almost recovered them now. She’ll be stopping in this evening and will probably add to this thread.

    I know the same loss of links and ranking happened with another blog that engtech contributes too following the sub-domain change. Perhaps he may stop in too and comment.


    the links will be broken, but if you do add domain mapping, they will at least land on your blog. you’ll lose some google juice, but not as much, since your domain is staying the same.

    if you host your own wordpress (AFAIK, hosting wordpress is far less painful than hosting movable type, but you’ll want to poke about in http://wordpress.org/support for that), then you can set up your server to redirect your old posts, using plugins like this one; http://txfx.net/code/wordpress/redirect-old-slugs/



    Unfortunately, I was travelling and couldn’t weigh in at the time of the debate. Stale as it may be, here’s my two cents:

    If you are in the top thousand in Technorati, they will do what it takes to keep you happy if you complain loud enough. Otherwise, you’re fukt.

    Speaking of my own experience: when I switched, October 1, 2006, I went from a Google Page Rank of 6 to 0. I am still at 0. Nonetheless, I seem to google high for terms which occur on my blog: at one point the Guardian cited me as “Best of the Web” when all I’d done is blog about a story they’d carried in their normal paper!

    The sum total of what I know is that WordPress blogs have a LOT of google juice, and don’t do too shabby on Technorati either. The numbers? It took me from Feb. 24 to Oct 1 to get to 21,000 on Technorati, but it only took me from Oct 1/06 to January 16/07 to get to 22000 in Technorati. If you have a following who is already linking to you, you’ll gain ground far faster than another blog who is starting from scratch.


    rain- FWIW, you changed domains from rc.wordpress.com to rc.com. the OP is staying on the same domain.

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