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    How can I switch back from classic editor to the block editor?


    Hi there!

    To switch to the classic editor, click on the ‘. . .’ settings icon in the upper right corner of the editing screen.

    Then, click on Switch to Classic Editor.


    Hey there,

    1. I tried to do the same, but there is no such option in my menu.
    2. I tried to open site by /wp-admin/ – but there is no such options in there neither.

    Any advice?



    Hi krzysztofkostka – Can you tell me which site you’re working on? I can’t make it out in the browser bar of that screen shot.




    Thanks. You should be all set to use the classic editor once again. I’ve changed it on the back end of the site.

    If you do not see that option, try signing out and back in to the account.


    Yey! Thanks alot 💪

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