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    Hi all!
    I have been using WP.com for my ’round the world travel blog’ for about 16 months. It’s been great and my readership has grown a lot and I’d like to do some ads and eventually grow it into something more. So…I have a few questions:
    1. I want to make sure if i switch to WP.org that i can then put Ads on it.
    2. If i already have my own domain name…will my page hits, and other stats change?
    3. Is the transition easy–can i use the same template, etc? What other changes are inevitable?
    Thanks–i’m new to the .org part!



    1) yes
    2) yes
    3) it’s easy, but no, you won’t be able to use exactly the same theme, functionality, widgets, etc. You’ll have to learn to use the different software, although it’s very similar.

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    Many themes used here at .com are also available for download on the internet so you will likely be able to find the same theme you are using now, or something very similar. Perhaps something you like better. The basic interface on both are the same so it will be quite familiar to you. On widgets, most of what is available here, is available – sometimes several different versions from different authors – as plugins so you should be able to recreate almost exactly what you have here. With plugins, you simply FTP them to your new site, and put them in the plugins directory.



    I’d hesistate to say “recreate almost exactly.” I’ve seen too many people come back and complain about not knowing they had to install their own plugins, their widget doesn’t have a purple border but an indigo one, etc.


    Well, if having an indigo border rather than purple is going to ruin your life, stay here.

    Installing plugins is “drag-and-drop” in any FTP program. If you can move a file or folder from one place on your hard drive to another place on your hard drive, you can install plugins. Same for themes.

    Personally I think there is way too much booga booga about being self-hosted. The most important thing is to have a good web host (read not the cheapest). Do some research.



    Have you seen the threads about “I moved to self-hosted and now I’m not showing up on the tag pages”?


    Yep I have. That should be covered in the “wordpress.com and wordpress.org – the difference” sticky – not that that means everyone (or anyone) is going to read it.



    I agree it’s not such a big deal, but people do need to know that there are differences. In fact, there are tons more options if you host it elsewhere. But nobody will hold your hand out there.



    thanks guys. Are the hosting servers that WP recommends good? There was a list of 5 or so somewhere.
    Also–just to clarify–my 60,000 hits and other stats–will be down to 0? Anyway to avoid this?


    The only one I’m personally familiar with is the one I’m using, which is not on the list, A Small Orange, which I am quite happy with. I know a couple people using DreamHost, and they are quite happy there as well.

    On your blog here, leave a final message directing your visitors to your new blog with a link, and delete all your other posts here so that the search engines aren’t seeing two of each post. Alternately under options > privacy, block search engines.



    I’m thinking of getting a professional to move my blog to .org, as it is getting quite popular, people keep hassling to buy stuff, and there are several other things I want to add that are not in the (excellent) .com and I don’t know enough css to do what I want. I might even get enough traffic to warrant ads. What would really convince me to pay is if a custom template would allow (admin only) image posts in comments (rather than links). Any opinions from your worships?

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