switch from worpress.com to org but keep domain name, under 60 days , bluehost..

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    I registered a domain http://www.raekay.com and I already have affiliate websites and I understand now I can’t do that here. So I want to make the change to wordpress.org and use bluehost as my domain. My understanding is though that I have to wait 60 days though before I can do that since I just started my account not long ago? Problem is my affiliate sites, I am afraid of losing them. Is there a way I can go around that? Basically I want to upgrade to wordpress.org with bluehost and still have http://www.raekay.com as the name that shows up because otherwise I won’t have any monetary value if the name changes to let’s say…www.raekay.org, or http://www.raekay.bluehost.org or however it works. And is there a way around the waiting? Can I get started now? At least get it done now and start creating my site better and keep my domain name? please help? I am willing to pay all costs immediately! Thank you! Rachel Kirsch

    The blog I need help with is raekay207.com.



    The 60 days for a domain registration transfer is imposed by ICANN not be WordPress.com, but you can just change the nameservers.
    See: http://en.support.wordpress.com/domains/domain-management/



    I’m still not understanding really. I wish someone from support would get back to me I wrote them the same thing basically. I just want this all done as soon as possible because I was already accepted through affiliate websites through the name I bought here for 30 bucks….raekay207.com so it CAN NOT CHANGE or I wont get credit or payment. At the time i didn’t realize i couldn’t do it at this free site. So I just want to start paying Bluehost, change to wordpress.org and get this thing going asap, but seriously, ill pay their 150 or whatever they asked for if they do it for me, because no matter how many countless nights I’ve spent on the web looking this stuff up and I think I am getting a handle on things…I don’t want to mess anything up. So where is the support people who actually work on the site…I guess they have no phone number?!



    There is no phone support. I’ll tag this thread for Staff assistance. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.



    Hi there,

    Unfortunately, as timethief says you cannot transfer a domain that was registered fewer than 60 days ago. This is not a WordPress.com rule, it is true for any domain you register anywhere.

    What you can do is leave the domain registered here, but point it at your self-hosted WordPress.org site. We have a whole support document that walks you through the process at:


    Once you get your new WordPress.org site set up, you can use the instructions in that document to point your domain at your new site.

    Does that clarify things for you?


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