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    Hi there,

    I have been blogging at Imbalance 2. for almost a year and am now thinking of switching tot The Morning After to create a more magazine-like design.

    I have three questions: 1) is this doable and will all the content remain intact after switching themes? 2) how can I temporarily ‘close down’ my website for maintenance? 3) is it possible in The Morning After theme to change the site title to an image without CSS upgrade (i.e. is there somewhere I can paste the image URL once I have uploaded it)?

    Thank you so much for your help!

    The blog I need help with is orpheuskijktom.com.



    1) a. Yes of course the content of posts and pages will remain intact.
    b. The appearance of some elements will change (each theme has its own styling for links, blockquotes etc).
    c. Since the structure of the two themes is different, the widgets will move to inactive, and you’ll have to move them back to the widget areas you prefer.

    For more on TMA see here:
    Most important thing to note, before you decide to switch, is that TMA does not display all your latest posts on the main page (like most themes do).

    2. You set the blog to private in Settings > Reading.

    3. WP will tell you it can’t be done without the upgrade but actually it’s possible (within the available space) – see my blog for an example.



    Dear Justpi,

    First of all thank you so much for your quick reply and compliments on your blog; it’s really good!

    About question number 3: I can see that you have a custom header image on top of your TMA blog (replacing both site title on the left and the search/template heading area on the right): that is exactly what I would like to do, so I have one question left: how do I accomplish that?

    Thanks again!



    You’re welcome, and thank for the compliments!

    Small correction: I have superimposed an image on the left side only, and text on the right side. But the principle is the same: you do that via coding in a text widget.

    I can work the code out for you, after you create the image and upload it to your blog via Media > Add New. If you want a full-width image, it has to be 960px wide and 60px high. Also, I need to know if you want it to link to the blog front or not.



    Hi again,

    Thank you for answering and for offering to do the coding! I guess I first have to actually do the switching bit and have my ‘new’ site and logo ready to go before you can do that… I will get back at you when I have done all that!

    Thanks again!



    Dear Justpi,

    A while ago I asked some questions about The Morning After Theme. I have upgraded to CSS and am now very happy with the header/logo image. I have encountered another (big) problem though, related to the switch and the upgrade…

    I have been getting a lot of comments that the font type (and size) are nearly unreadable to a lot of my followers… (I use one of the offered fonts, Le Monde Journal)

    I have the option of making the font size bigger in the CSS upgrade, but that makes it look ridiculous, especially on the homepage. Furthermore, they are all ‘typekit’ fonts and I have been told that they are notorious for being unreadable for a lot of browsers, is that true?

    My question is: how can I make my font type and size good and readable for everyone? And can I customize one font size for the homepage and another for blogposts?

    I hope you can help me out, thanks a lot in advance!

    The blog I need help with is orpheuskijktom.com



    a) The perceived font sizes depend on the viewers’ screen resolution: what looks normal to you may look small to a viewer with a higher resolution screen and large to a viewer with a lower resolution screen, so there’s no ideal.
    b) CSS editing allows you to target whatever you want: for instance you can change the main text only, or the post titles only, or the widget content only, or even the content of a single widget. But CSS questions must be posted in the CSS forum (so that they’ll be accessible to others looking for the same answer).



    Thanks, Justpi! I will switch to the CSS forum and post my question there!


    Hi Justpi!
    I was reading this forum, and I am still interested in how to use a text widget to change the site title to a logo. I have already created a logo to use, and I have already added it to my media.
    What’s next?



    In the theme you’re using it’s not possible without the Custom Design upgrade. But in the theme you’re using you don’t need such a trick anyway: you create a header image with the title incorporated in it, you upload it in Appearance > Header, and you uncheck the option “Show header text with your image”.


    When I do that with the Morning After theme, it appears as the header below my menu and not above it where the site title appears in the upper left corner. That is where I would like my logo to be, but if it is not possible to do so without CSS, I will wait until I can afford to purchase it.
    Thank you for you’re help.


    Thank you for your* help.



    My reply referred to Blissful Blog, the theme you’re using in the blog linked to your username. Are you talking about a different blog, or are you considering switching to TMA? In TMA it is possible to add a logo without the upgrade (as I had said in my December reply above).


    I figured out our miscommunication here. I have two sites I am working on. The one you saw is not the one I was talking about. My other site is using the Morning After theme. Could you still help me with it?



    In that case give me the URL of the image you have uploaded (Media > Library: click Edit next to the thumbnail, copy File URL).



    This version of your image won’t do: you must create a version that fits in the available space. To give you an idea of the dimensions you should aim for, the area I’ve marked in red on this image is 536×90 pixels:


    I have resized the image to 536×90 pixels:



    Add a text widget to the Primary sidebar, paste the following code in it, save:

    <div style="position:absolute;width:50%;top:17px;left:18px;">
    <a href="http://smallbizjourn.com/"><img src="http://smallbizjourn.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/logo-3.png" alt="smallbizjourn.com logo" /></a>

    You can change the top and left numbers to adjust the positioning, if you wish.


    It worked! It looks exactly like I wanted it to.
    Thank you so much!!

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