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    I want to do the EXACT same thing as the guy in the thread linked below. As it has been 2-1/2 years since his post was recommended to work with support directly, I wanted to see if anything had changed (maybe it’s more of a self-serve process now):


    Is anyone aware of how to do this, or do I need to wait until the support team gets back from their “hiatus” on Sep. 19?


    The blog I need help with is breakthrunmotion.com.


    I think changing the domain name that is associated with domain mapping on a blog is still something staff would need to help with. Staff is monitoring the forums, so I will tag this thread so that they can see it and respond.



    I would really strongly advise not doing anything at all with domains till staff is back full-time. Look at all the domain-related posts in the forum; normally we don’t see a tenth of these glitches.


    Thanks guys! I’ll talk with them when they get back and will post back with how things go.




    Alright, here’s the email I sent to WordPress support. Will this be answered or should I just go ahead and purchase another domain and eat my $15 bucks for not paying attention? Here’s the e-mail explaining the mistake I made in accidentally purchasing 2 domain names for one blog when I wanted 1 domain for one and 1 for my other blog [Their both wordpress.com blogs one in english and one in spanish] Thesacradpath seems to know his stuff pretty well – can you help so I know whether I should wait or buy another domain?:

    Dear friends at WordPress.com,

    This is Douglas . First, I want to thank you for wordpress.com website for blogs. You have no idea how it has helped me in my ministry. It’s a great tool to spread the Word!

    Now, to the point: I have two blogs that are very similar: One’s in English and the Other one is in Spanish. I bought to domain names, but accidentally put them in the English only blog.

    The first domain is: http://www.argentinamissions.com and it goes with my blog http://www.lasiglesiasdecristo.wordpress.com — This is great and I have it down correctly.

    Now, the second domain is: http://www.misionenargentina.com and it should’ve gone to my other blog that is Spanish only. My Spanish only blog is: http://www.hechos1711.wordpress.com — Here’s the question: How do I get get my http://www.misionenargentina.com domain to work with my http://www.hechos1711.wordpress.com blog when I accidentally got it for the other one?

    If you could please help me on this one, I will greatly appreciate it. It will totally help my ministry. Thanks in advance for all that you might be able to do.

    I tried to contact you, but the email service kept returning my email. I realized I was missing one “s” on the email support@wordpress.com. I had it with one “s” only. Anyway, now I have it right and I sure hope you can help me. Thanks!


    @hechos, I’m sure staff will move that second domain over to the other blog for you. Wait for them to reply.



    I was contacted today by the staff and they asked me to make my first blog an administrator for the second blog. At first I didn’t know how to do it, so I sent them email saying to explain to me how to do it. Then I figured it out myself and sent them an email saying I was done doing that and that I had even done the same thing for the first blog [put each blog as an administrator on the other blog], but as of now, I have not received an answer back and the domain name is still not switched over to the new. I hope they can get it done soon, I really need to have it working properly. I know it was my mistake, but I hope they can fix it soon. Other than that, all is good!


    They will get it done for you.

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