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  1. So, just 2 weeks ago I purchased my domain from After even more research, it looks like I really want to be able to use, for plug-ins and just more...well, you know already.

    Anywho, I see that I'd need to transfer my domain to a different host, is that right? Something like godaddy, or bluehost, etc. But, I can't do that for 60 days after purchasing my domain?

    So, am I stuck using until the 60 days are up? What can I do?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You do not have to transfer it. You can simply edit the nameservers to point to your new web host. You can keep the domain name registered here, there is no need to transfer it unless you just want to have everything in one place. Do know that there is typically a charge (from the place you move it to) for the transfer and many registrars will also require that you pay for an additional year of registration, so it can cost $25 to $50 to transfer a domain.

  3. Forgot the link to the support stuff on changing the nameservers.

  4. Ah ok. I'm really new to this sort of stuff, so I'm afraid I don't 100% understand the process I would need to undertake.

    What do I need to do? I understand where I can go to edit the nameservers, but...what is the purpose of this? How can I use a new host?

    I'm sorry for the uneducated questions, I'm afraid I don't even know exactly what to ask.

    In my position, what exactly would you do? Do I need to still spend money? Or can I download, export my site, import it into software, and keep the hosting just like it is?

    Thanks for the help

  5. Oh, I think I've found it. For example, on, I can set up to host a domain I already own. I can only imagine that they will provide me with all of the details needed for changing the nameservers.

    Thank you!

  6. Yes, they will give you the nameserver stuff you need and then you can plug that into the domain management nameserver fields here and have that underway.

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