Switched from Theme to Custom CSS; weird border immediately added

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    Hello! We set our blog up using the Kubrick theme, and then opted to edit the CSS by hand so we could alter a few things. To set up the stylesheet, I copied and pasted it directly from the Kubrick theme into the CSS box, and I’ve edited only one or two classes so far. The moment I pasted that stylesheet into the CSS edit box, though, a border was instantly added on both sides of the blog (you can see if it you go to http://pnnode.wordpress.com — it’s the thick light-gray edging on the left and right). Does anybody know which of the CSS elements is controlling the width of that border? I can’t figure it out and trial and error has thus far gotten me nowhere.

    In case anybody’s first thought is that the banner graphic is too wide, I widened it AFTER the border showed up (to try to make it less visible at least at the very top, though it’s still showing slightly on the right side), so it’s not what is forcing the extra width there.

    Any advice you can provide would be much appreciated!


    The blog I need help with is pnnode.wordpress.com.



    To set up the stylesheet, I copied and pasted it directly from the Kubrick theme into the CSS box

    Never do that. The CSS editor should only have your changes/additions to the stylesheet. That’s why there’s a radio button that reads “Add to existing stylesheet”.

    Add the whole style sheet if you’re starting from scratch, hence using the appropriate radio button when saving your CSS.

    If you’re going to make minor mods to the current CSS, by pasting the entire thing in the editor, you’re overriding the paths to the images used by the theme which will give you undesired results. Also, you’re duplicating code that has been written already which is not needed.

    Get rid of everything but your changes, and add the following selector:

    #page {
    background: #fff !important;

    That should get rid of the border.



    Thank you! Frustrating that I can’t, in that case, have access to the entire stylesheet in an editable format. But I’ll make do!

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