Switched theme and widgets disappeared???

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    I switched to the Duster theme and all my widgets disappeared. According to the widgets options they’re still there, just not visible (though the ‘visible’ box is checked). They’re not at the bottom, side, top, nothing. I thought I remembered being able to set the template the first time I chose a theme (columns, sidebars, etc.) but can’t find anything like that now. I have not changed anything since switching themes so it’s not like I forgot to save or something.
    I’ve spent WAAAAAAYYYYY too much time on this already, help appreciated!!!

    The blog I need help with is dianemartonis.wordpress.com.



    If you check Dashboard>Appearance> Widgets, you should find them at the bottom, under “Inactive Widgets”. Just drag them back to where you want them to appear.


    Hi thanks for your response!
    I tried that, but they’re not listed under inactive widgets. ??



    That’s very odd. When we stwitch theme out widgets migrate to the Inactive Widgets box.

      If you still cannot locate the widgets post again please.

      Also are you aware that the Duster theme is not coded to display widgets on single pages or posts? The widgets appear only on the front page of the blog. There is a bottombar (footer) area that can also be used for widgets.


    So, I did all of the above and the widgets still aren’t there. I was NOT aware that the widgets don’t show up on single pages, but that makes sense since the single pages are more centered. My front page is justified to the left, like its leaving room for something, but nothing’s there.
    When I first changed themes I moved the links and search widgets up from ‘inactive’. So that switch did occur as you mentioned, but it didn’t make a difference when I moved them over (and saved).


    Does it have anything to do with copied and pasted text? I was reading somewhere that the html gets fudgy and messes with the sidebars? Not that I know what I’m talking about. . . ;)



    I didn’t switch our blog to Duster or make any other changes, but I’m noticing a similar problem that Diane described. The third column to right is blank except at the top it says: “Blog at WordPress.com. Theme: Digg 3 Column by WP Designer.” The widgets are gone, even though they are in WordPress Widget settings as I originally placed them.

    My blog has three pages and when I looked at the other two, the widgets were displaying properly in righthand column. So, it seems to be something that is affecting main page.

    Any ideas??

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