Switched themes and now, no more "Likes" showing ?

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    For a bit of a different look and more color accents on my blog, I settled on “Retro Fitted” as the new choice of theme. But now, I notice my Likes have disappeared. I was kinda proud of the numerous Likes I’ve been getting, seems kind of a shame they aren’t there now. Or is there an option somewhere I could hit, to bring them back? I found the Stats section, it’s very nice, shows followers and even visitors’ locations on the planet. But, why did my Likes disappear?

    The blog I need help with is wildwanderingirl.wordpress.com.


    I can still see them in the “New Posts” option at the upper right of the screen, the list drops down. But, I still would kinda like to have the icons showing at the bottom of my page, as they formerly did.

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