Switched themes by accident – how can I switch back to previous?

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    I accidentally switched the theme on my website, thinking I was logged in to a different account. Is there any way to switch my site back to the original version? I don’t recall what the original theme was.

    The blog I need help with is kenleephotography.wordpress.com.



    Before your current theme – Twenty Eleven – you were running Sela. Before that, you were also running Twenty Eleven, so looks like you may have already figured this out. :) Let us know if you’re set.


    Thank you! We did manage to figure it out, but I’m glad to know that you would have been able to tell us what the previous theme was if we hadn’t.



    Glad you’re all set!


    Thank you very much for your reply. I was unable to reply earlier today. I figured out what we had used previously based on the pixel size of the image, believe it or not. And yes, it’s wonderful to know that you are able to tell us the previous theme regardless. Thanks again!


    Whooops, I didn’t see that my girlfriend had already replied (using the same name).



    No worries! Glad you’re all set with your theme.

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