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Switched to Custom CSS-Lost Header-Neat! 0.01

  1. There are plenty of topics on this, but I haven't found a resolution. Please help!

    My blog is

  2. The solution is the same as we've posted in each of all of those other numerous threads you've referred to.

    And I'm just mean enough to make you do a search for the solution, which was posted in those threads. Happy blogging!

  3. You have to add in the CSS for the header image into the CSS editor. It's a matter of how the files load and it what order. The file for the CSS from the editor loads last so it's most important.

    And I would love to see what thread you're looking at where we didn't give an answer to that question. We're pretty good on following up around here.

  4. Easy now. What is the point of being "mean enough"...kind of snarky for no apparent or important reason. Please understand that not all of us are savvy enough to recognize the answer without having it spelled out...I was looking for clear code that would work...however, I figured out that the way to make it work was to changed themes to an original, untampered with one, take the code from my header and then paste it in to the code for the new theme. It worked.

    Also, for my readers who use an AOL browser, the page does not load correctly. My sidebar starts halfway down the page.

  5. Hi there,
    I just looked at your blog using a firefox browser and your sidebar starts at the top of the page right under the header. I'll switch to IE and be back to look at it again in a minute.
    Edit: You blog has issues when I look at it in IE. The header has about a quarter inch of white space that it shouldn't have on the right hand side and the sidebar has dropped. The reason sidebars drop is either because an over-sized image or a copy and paste text have been inserted into the blogging space that are too big for that space.
    The Neat theme only allows for 445 pixels in the blogging space.

    I'll have to leave this with you to sort as I have to go out. Best of luck. :)

  6. Sorry, I was having a bad day. When you said you'd read the other threads, I was wondering why you didn't implement the solutions in those threads, which are simpler than the one you've done here. It's that the custom CSS overrides the regular uploader, so you just put the URL for the image in the correct spot in your code.

    What threads were you looking at? At the time of your post, there were two on the main page of the forum, both of which had the solution.

  7. Gotta admit that I'm still curious as well.

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