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switched to illustratr

  1. Hi, I also changed my theme to illustratr and I love it! The only problem I am facing is how long it takes for everything to load. Is this problem only on my page? I hope there is something I can do because I love the layout!

  2. Hi @sierragoerg, I checked your site and it is loading very quickly for me, even on my slower wireless connection I'm using right now. I ran a page load test at and it took less than 1 second for your pages to load.

    If you are still seeing problems, try accessing your site from a different connection and see if you still have issues.

  3. Try using the +at the bottom of the page,your widget aerea and remember to write your url of the articles starting with# .i love it too.was away a couple of days

  4. michaelshawbond

    Hello @thesacredpath, I wondered if you had had any success getting widgets in Illustratr to show permanently (rather than having to expand the footer). It would be nice to be able to show, say, a Twitter feed on a homepage without having to click through. Any luck?

    Many thanks.

  5. Hi michaelshawbond - could you please start a new thread? Thanks!

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