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    my original blog is cobaeagle.wordpress.com. I’ve created itsmynickel.wordpress.com and have tried to change the address from the former cobaeagle to itsmynickel. However, there’s an error message which says that itsmynickel.wordpress.com is reserved. It is, by me. So when someone uses the url itsmynickel.com, there’s a generic page. When I log in, all of my old information, blogs etc., are there, but with the OLD cobaeagle.wordpress.com address. Help????? :-{) DrD

    The blog I need help with is cobaeagle.wordpress.com.



    When you change a blog URL creating a new one is part of the process. You are unable to do that because you’ve already created the address you want to use. What you need to do now is transfer your content from the old blog to the new one. You can read how to do that here: http://en.support.wordpress.com/moving-a-blog/

    Note that this will only transfer your content, not your theme, widgets or any other customisations you may have made. Those you’ll have to do again at the new blog.

    If you have followers on the old blog you can request staff to move them over to the new one once you’ve transferred all your content.

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