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    I couldn’t find anything about this when i searched.

    I have 2 blogs, so i have the “My Dashboards” mouse-over menu at the top of the screen when i’m logged in. However, that menu goes away when i’m actually in the dashboard. The only way to switch dashboards is to click on “view site” and then use the mouse-over menu that re-appears.

    Am i missing something, or is there really no way to switch dashboards from within the dashboard itself? Does that make sense?



    Thanks for the tip ;)

    I was having a similar problem, except that the only way I had found to view the multi-dashboard dropdown was via the forums page! So your post actually helps me out a little –a slightly easier way to reach the multi-dashboard drop-down menu. However, like you, if there’s a way to have the multi-dashboard always available, I’d love to hear about it.



    DrMike? TimeThief? Have i stumped you all, or is this just such a stupid question that it doesn’t merit a response?



    no, there’s no way.

    it’s kind of weird anyway, since comments and posts from both blogs are mixed into both dashboards. you can switch stat views, but not whole blogs. what function of the other dashboard are you trying to get to?



    Actually that is the way that it is. There’s no blue bar along the top on the admin side. You have to switch back to the blog and then use the blue bar to switch between blogs.




    what function of the other dashboard are you trying to get to?

    Ummm, well say i am in the dashboard for one blog and want to manage something, or write something, for the other one. It would be nice, in a spoiled-lazy-whiner-kind-of-way, to not have to make those extra clicks. My fingers get so tired, you know?


    Thanks for the short & sweet answer i was unfortunately expecting, Doc. No biggie.



    Ya, I’m super happy with the “tip” Judyb12 inadvertantly gave me, so I’m good too.

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