Switching domain names

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    I bought a domain via wordpress but dont want to use it yet, and i wanted a .com.au domain so bought that with go daddy (because wordpress dont do.com.au sites) . i want wordpress to host the .com.au domain via the site ive set up for the domain i bought from wordpress…

    eg… i want to set up my jellyfishproductions.org site but use happy jelly.com.au (which i bought via go daddy) as the domain

    weird question i guess but thats my predicament.

    The blog I need help with is jellyfishproductions.org.



    This will get you started, you will need a zone record added for the .com.au domain name to work – if you post the full correct name the staff can add the zone record for you –


    I will flag this for the staff on the theory you will post the .com.au domain name here


    Thank you for the assistance.

    I have had a look at this and seems that the zone record would have been a much better idea in the first place, however the .com site was already taken so i was unable to add the zone record.

    Strange circumstance.

    Thanks again for your assistance however.

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