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    Okay so I already have a blog on blogger . . . I haven’t published it yet but I did by my own domain through blogger. My blog is Bohemian Way and my domain name is bohemianway.org. I am thinking about going with you all because I’m hoping to build a website and you seem to have more to do with that . . . I can’t figure out how to transfer my domain though . . . and can’t get any information from blogger . . . I think I bought my domain name thru E-nom, but they say I have to deal with blogger. Will it be easy for me to jump over to you guys or not?
    I’ve already started a blog with you . . . Bohemian Way Blog . . . ‘course I’m in the free mode right now.
    Thanks for any help. Kelani

    The blog I need help with is bohemianwayblog.wordpress.com.

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