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    Hello there!
    At the moment I’m running a wordpress blog
    In about a few months time I would like to change that to

    1. How do I do that?
    2. Will i loose all the traffic straight away?
    3. Will there be a redirect from my blog to website?
    4. Will I still have all the ease of use for website as I have now?
    5. What will actually become different? Except the fact that I will have to pay for it.

    The blog I need help with is euromillionsnews.wordpress.com.


    See here for more information about registering a domain through WordPress: http://en.support.wordpress.com/domains/.

    I don’t know about losing traffic, as I believe that your followers are transferred over, so they will still get updates. But views coming from search engines will take a few weeks to start again, as your site needs to be indexed again.

    As for links:

    New URLs: If you add domain mapping to an existing blog with posts, their URL’s will change. We’ll redirect any visitors looking for the old URL’s over to the new ones, so none of your visitors will get lost out there on the internet, but other services won’t always understand that the old links and the new links point to the “same” place. For example, Tweet counter widgets work based on particular URL’s, so old posts’ counts will be reset to 0. Once you make the change, future posts will not be affected.

    The domain upgrade does not change the website in any way, expect for the URL, you are still bound to the same terms of service, and your dashboard and options will all remain the same. Only the URL changes and the .wordpress.com removed.



    You will lose pagerank, as search engines are a little confused by the change, but you will roughly catch up in about four months or so.


    you are still bound to the same terms of service

    Does it mean I will not be able to use affiliate links? I guess if this is my website now I can do what I want right?



    You will not be able to use affiliate links as long as you are hosted on WordPress.COM – does not matter what the name is – as long as you are here no affiliate links or other advertising

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