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Switching from to

  1. I have read all the articles on both and on how to switch from to but still am having trouble understanding how to switch my domain that I already purchased from to another domain hosting site so I can use it on

    I am looking for a step-by-step guide on how to do this other than what is already out there. Should I first purchase the hosting site and go from there? (When I am going through the registration process on hostgator, It allows me to add an existing domain to my account. Should I do this? Surely it cannot be that easy).

    Or would it be easier for my to just delete/cancel my domain name in and then just start from scratch? That would be a last resort I guess ... I doubt someone is waiting in line for my host name but you never know ...

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Obviously I am technically challenged!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. All of the basic steps, including what to do when you purchased your domain through, are detailed here:

  3. DON'T cancel the domain registration here - either as noted above change the name servers or transfer the registration - if you cancel the domain registration you might not get your domain back and it will be lost in limbo for around 60 days and a squatter might get the domain name and hold it hostage - cost you big bucks to get it back

  4. Thanks for that reminder, auxclass. Better safe than sorry :-)

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