Switching from wordpress.com to wordpress.org, HOW???

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    I started my blog on wordpress.com because it seemed easier, but I can’t add buttons, just as the bookmark or add me buttons, and it’s really frustrating me that I can’t edit anything.

    I would like to switch to wordpress.org, and download the software, but I’ve no idea how to do it and even though I consider myself quite a technical person, it all sounds completely foreign to me. Blogger allowed me to add as many buttons, ads as I wanted quite easily, but wordpress.com won’t allow it. I wan’t to stick with wordpress coz I like the look better, I just need to switch to using the downloadable software.

    I’ve tried using the step by step guides etc, but I’m still baffled. I purchased the web domain http://www.celebutardonline.com via wordpress.com, so they should allow me to switch right?

    Can any kind soul give me the most basic info on how to go about doing this?



    WordPress.com will indeed allow you to add buttons, and there are many threads on the subject.

    Try this:

    You can use your unique domain name here if you purchase the upgrade.

    If you go to WP.org, realize that you are ON YOUR OWN. That’s why WP.com exists: to offer more support for those for whom the technical tasks of an independently-hosted website are too challenging.



    Here is a second option for bookmarking buttons
    How To Use Get Social For WordPress.com (social bookmark bar)

    Also by linking your name to your blog it will serve two purposes…

    (1) When you leave a comment on some one elses blog there readers will be able to find & read your blog…

    (2)If you need to ask a support question in the forum then it will make it easier for the volunteers to see what blogging platform your using & will aide them in giving you a more accurate answer to your issue…How to link your name to your blog




    If you’re looking for help on how to set up a wordpress.org blog, you really need to ask at the wordpress.org forum. Not here.



    (Hm – you can’t figure out how to add buttons but you want to use the downloaded version of the software?)

    There is a FAQ on moving your blog http://faq.wordpress.com/2006/05/07/can-i-migrate-my-blog-from-here-to-another-blog-somewhere-else/

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