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    i’ve just created a blog using wordpress.com
    however, once i get enough traffic, i plan to use wordpress platform from wordpress.org and redirect my blabla.wordpress.com site to a new domain: blabla.com

    i browsed through the faqs and most of them talks about redirecting your wordpress blog to a new domain. the question is once i redirect my website to another domain, will i be free of the limitations of wordpress.com? and will i be able to switch to wordpress.org platform and do my editing with wordpress software?




    The domain upgrade doesn’t free you from any of the WP.com conditions, as you are still here. Moving to independent hosting (ie WP.org) does.



    It sounds as though you plan to move your blog to another host, and to use WordPress there. That will indeed free you of the limitations placed on us here.
    The most relevant FAQ is this one:



    thanks very much andrew for your help :D


    Is that XML version the same thing as FTP?



    No, it’s not the same.

    XML allows you to export your blog as one piece (all posts, pages and comments) from one platform, e.g. wordpress.com and import it into a different platform, e.g. wordpress.org.

    FTP is for uploading/downloading files.

    You can use FTP to transfer XML files.


    Can i switch to wordpress.org and keep the .com URL? Sorry, it’s not clear from the above. I don’t really have any data as yet, I set up the .com so that my partners can use it to practice on whilst decisions are made. I don’t want to have to purchase another one if not absolutely necesssary, as the blog will be part of a larger site.


    Do you have your own domain name, something like http://domainname.com? If you do, then you can keep that domain name when you move.

    If your blog URL is http://blogname.wordpress.com then you cannot.


    It’s the latter. Ok, thanks. No problem! Maybe it would be easier to pay the $15 and fully customise my CSS, tbh. It’s the logo and the background that are completely necessary, not really anything else. Any recommendations there?

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