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    I purchased my domain, fantasticweapon.com, with google apps. i bought the CSS upgrade and found it wasn’t what i wanted, so I mapped the domain with wordpress.com. and rigged the code to *sort of* get what i wanted. downside: google wouldn’t index me cause my code is a disaster. now that i’m getting tons of daily hits i’ve decided to go with midphase and run my own installation of wordpress. it is apparently installed on the domain now but i can’t see it because of the domain mapping. will i have to interrupt the site (take it down, drive away readers) in order to do this? if redirect my blog (back to fantasticweapon.wordpress.com) while i make the necessary changes, will that work?

    i have trouble asking this question cause i’m not sure on the terminology.
    my main concern is: can i switch from google apps to midphase, and wordpress.com to my own installation of wordpress, while people can still view my site?



    I have the same question. I wonder if we need to cancel the google apps and the domain mapping before exporting from wordpress.com to self-hosted wordpress



    Just leave the domain mapping on and go ahead and move your domain to your new hosting space. That will also pull any traffic to your new installation as well.



    I need some real help how do u configure emails like (email redacted) so I can access them on mail account. Itsays go to Gmal Apps but then the hosting with WordPress is changed. What is the outgoing and incoming for WordPress so I can change my email setting also the un and pw?



    Thank you.
    So once I have exported from wordpress.com there will be nothing left there? is there a how-to guide for this somewhere? i couldn’t find one on wordpress.org



    I believe your content is still here. What some people do is, after they are certain that they have everything they need at the new site, they delete the content (NOT the blog) and leave a placeholder for people who still come via the old whatever.wordpress.com URL, which will still lead to the WP.com blog. Set a static page as your front page, and leave a message for them with a link to where you’ve moved.



    OK. I now have a wordpress.com blog (with domain name and domain mapping still active) and also WordPress.org installed on my new host via Fantastico.

    I have changed the nameservers to point to my new host via the control panel of my domain site. At the moment I get sent to the wp.com admin, an automatic redirect, so cannot import my wp.com.

    Am I correct in thinking that I need to wait for the nameservers to action the change and then export and import?

    Many thanks for your help.



    Yes, it worked!



    OK, I set up wordpress.org on new host, changed nameservers and exported and imported.

    Everything has worked apart from my email, I am no longer receiving email via google apps.

    I have now pressed ‘disable google mx’, not sure if this was the right thing to do or not.

    Google apps require verification that I own a domain, but I have already gone through that process when I mapped the domain.

    Any ideas?


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