Switching to hosting company to be able to subscribe for ad-banners

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    I need your assistance to make a smart decision.
    I am not familiar with the terminologies, therefore please excuse me if my questions sound uneducated.
    I wish to put ads on my blog to acquiring revenue.

    (1) If I have to chose a hosting company, and continue to use WordPress services, who would you recommend?

    (2) Am I able to switch back to my original url, faestwistandtango.wordpress.com to be able to “keep my current blog” (because, I may not want to transfer all of my posts) and use fae-magazine.com when I transfer to a hosting company?

    (3) In that case, do I have to chose one or the other blog for my followers to continue to see my blog on their “Reader”?
    Or, I’ll be able to keep them for both urls?

    (4) May I keep my current ‘theme’ or do I have to pick a new ‘theme’? Who would provide that?

    (5) Is there a person I can “talk” with over the phone? I live in the SF Bay Area.

    I really would like smooth transitions.
    At the end when it is too late, I do not want to hit my forehead and say, “I wish I had a V8!”.
    (V8 being, asking for WordPress’ experts’ advice.)

    Please assist me so I can prepare for the smooth transitions.
    Thank you very much, Fae.

    The blog I need help with is fae-magazine.com.



    1) we do not make recommendations on external hosts. By definition everyone here has chosen WordPress.com to be their host.

    2) yes

    3) people subscribe to one blog. Staff can transfer your subscribers to your new blog or you can leave them on your old but you cannot automatically subscribe them to both.

    4) you will need to choose a new theme. There are thousands of theme developers for WordPress.org.

    5) there are similarly tens of thousands of WordPress.org consultants. They charge anywhere from $50 an hour up for phone support. I charge $500 for ten hours of phone support, paid up front.

    If you really want a smooth transition, buy the paid Guided Transfer upgrade. Then staff here will do it for you.


    Thank you, Raincoaster.
    At this time, I don’t want to spend money. I still need to learn a lot.
    I found an article I had saved about WordAds.
    I think a baby step is the way to go for now.
    If you have any comments about WordAds, I appreciate.



    Word Ads do not pay well at all. If you get a thousand views a day you might make ten dollars a month.

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