Switching to wp.org without losing seo ranking

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    I have a wp.com site with a domain pointed toward it. I would like to upgrade to a premium theme through wp.org and point my domain to this site instead but am worried about losing my seo ranking. Any suggestions?

    The blog I need help with is thetravelingchiropractor.com.



    Basically, when you go from WP.com to an independent host, you will always, always lose seo. It will take you at least four months to regain your previous stature, if then.



    What if I use the site redirect feature? It says that I won’t lose seo ranking


    If you have your own domain name (and it appears you do) then you will not lose your ranking, but in general, wordpress.com sites will always have an advantage over self-hosted over time because of the huge ranking of wordpress.com.

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