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    I currently have two blogs on my account (username ‘primaryvirtue’). The first one I made a while ago — sansari.wordpress.com — and another I just made — tasteslikefreedom.com. I’m trying to change the URL of the former to tasteslikefreedom. Given that tasteslikefreedom is already the URL of my second blog, WordPress isn’t letting me.

    Is there any way I can change the URL of my old sansari blog to tastelikefreedom? I don’t care about the new tasteslikefreedom blog I made — it’s empty. I just want my old blog to have the tasteslikefreedom URL. And there doesn’t seem to be a way that I can free up the URL myself.

    This seems like a simple task. Can this be done for me? I’d appreciate it. I was going to dispose of the newer blog once I freed up the URL, but you can change the URL to whatever and I’ll just delete the blog myself afterward.



    The blog I need help with is sansari.wordpress.com.


    I think you’ll have to export the content from the one with content, and then import it to the blog whose URL you do want. Since you can change the URL back to the one you want while that one still exists (and you can’t stop it existing, because that would cause it to be deleted, and then you could never get it back).

    In terms of the URL you want to delete, please be very sure you’ll never want that URL, because you won’t be able to get it back once you go through with the permanent deletion. One option is to just make it private, so, just in case, you want it back it’s there. All the time people seem to think that permanent just means a week or so before they can get it back, when permanent, means forever.



    Hi Daniel. Thanks for the help. However, my issue is not the content of my original blog per se — in fact, there is very little content on it. It’s that, one, it will be a hassle to change the color scheme, widgets, etc. of my new blog to match the old one’s, and, perhaps more importantly, two, I can’t find the same theme as my old blog when I go to ‘Manage Themes’ on my new one: ‘Vigilence’ is missing.

    In fact, when I go to my new blog, there are apparently only ‘208 items’ under ‘Manage Themes,’ compared to ‘269 items’ on my old one. Do you know what’s going on? It seems very bizarre that Vigilence is working fine on my old blog but can’t even be located on my new one.

    The final issue is that I would rather preserve the stats from my old blog (traffic over time, etc.). But if I just start using the new blog (in spite of the two issues above) then my stats will become discontinuous (a pretty minor gripe, I know, but still).

    Connie: yes, it appears we have the same problem. Except in my case, there’s little content to transfer. However, you also want to retain your old blog, albeit for different reasons: you want to maintain any subscriptions you have.

    Do both of us have any hope of someone from WordPress just waving a magic wand here?


    I hope so. If they contact you, can you let me know? I’ll do the same.


    Both threads have been tagged for staff assistance, and I have no idea if they will do what you are asking. Best to wait and see what they have to say.



    You won’t be able to switch a blog’s URL to another existing blog URL, but you can export/import your content via the Tools section of the blogs’ Dashboards.


    Mine’s resolved, but required importing/exporting, and a staff to change over the followers. Stats can’t be transferred over.


    Thanks Mac. I suppose I can just export my content to my new blog.

    But can you help me with my theme problem? Like I say above, I can’t find the Vigilance theme when I go to ‘Manage Themes’ on my new blog. It’s missing. However, it is enabled on my old blog and is working perfectly. I would really like Vigilance to be the theme on my new blog too. Any idea as to what’s going on?


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    Vigilance has been retired in favor of more modern responsive themes with more features such as post formats and so on. But you can continue to use it because you are grandfathered in on that blog. You won’t be able to use it on a new blog.

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